Why have people sent over 125,000 Faxes to Congress?

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Last week, during the Reform Immigration FOR America Campaign Summit, we asked people to send faxes into Congress demanding Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We were BLOWN AWAY when over 125,000 faxes were sent. The numbers were so impressive that some of our opponents have commented that there may not even be real people sending the faxes. Well, guess what? There are real people behind each and every one of those 125,000 messages; people with families, people who have suffered, people who believe in justice and people who want what is best for America.

This week, we asked the same group of people to send another fax, but this time we asked them to include their own person message about WHY they were taking action. The result was, yet again, overwhelming. We had thousands of people respond within hours, all with personal stories and messages about why immigration reform is important to them.

Patrick in North Carolina writes:

“Our system is unfair to the families torn apart by an outdated immigration structure. We need comprehensive reform. Piecemeal legislation will not work, but will just cause more problems.”

Robin in Pennsylvania writes:

I am white and grew up very poor in Southern California. My life was saved by the Mexican families in my neighborhood… with offerings of tacos when I was starving, solace when I was lonely, and even safe harbor from violent guardians.

Can America please provide the same for all our immigrants?

Umapathi in New Hampshire writes:

“I have a Master’s degree in Computer Science and have been in the Green Card queue for a number of years which prevents me from realizing my entrepreneurial dreams. Immigration reform that would help me get my green card would motivate me to start a business that would help our economy thrive.”

Gabriele in Connecticut:

Because no human being is illegal. Because immigrants fuels our economy, and if we are truly to be a democracy, they need to have access to the public sphere and, ultimately, the ballot box. Because parents should not be torn from their children, and children from their parents. because US and CIA meddling in Latin American coutnries, and the rapacious action of US corporations have created the economic conditions that force so many to migrate to the US. They are not aliens, they are already our kin.

And finally, because the bible tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Monica in Missouri:

I have sen too many families broken apart because of the current immigration systems. I have seen too many spouses crying because there was nothing they could do to keep their families together. I have seen too many families faced with the choice (if you can call it that) of leaving the U.S. to be together or staying because a child needs medical care. The current system does too much harm to families – most of which contain at least one U.S. Citizen, often a child. WE NEED REFORM NOW!

I am in awe of the messages that continue to pour in from REAL people across the country who are working to fix our broken immigration system. I hope that Congress is ready to listen, because we are ready to be HEARD!

5 responses to “Why have people sent over 125,000 Faxes to Congress?


    Please, no amnesty for illegal immigrants! Get in line to become legal like all good immigrants!

  2. “Please, no amnesty for illegal immigrants! Get in line to become legal like all good immigrants!”

    Please educate yourself first before making such comments. Both Pres. Obama and Harry Reid had repeatedly said that there will be conditions attached such as going to the back of the line behind those who have done or undergoing the process legally from the start.

    Other conditions includes the need to learn English and pay back taxes.

    So, do your research first before making such ignorant comments.

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  4. Deborah Estrada

    I have been involed with the Immigration system for over 7 years now having to go through seperation from my husband and my daughter as well being seperated from her spouse.Tearing us to pieces destroying our life.This so called fair policy is unfair to anyone who tried to get there spouse legal.Do u call it justice when our spouses are stuck in their country and my daughter is killed in an auto accident here in the US and her spouse and mine are denied the right to come and bury her?This is truly an unjustified law. Go to the back of the line do u even know how this process works.U are made to send ur paper work from one place then to another then to another sending money after more money and then knowing ur here illegally trapped into being sent to there own country where our US embassies are treated like they killed someone then told after 7 or 8 hours of interrogation to GO HOME there barred for 3 to 10 years some of them longer.THIS IS JUSTICE IS THIS THE WAY AMERICA TREATS PEOPLE?Yes it is I have riden this ride and still on it still fighting trying to bring my spouse home trying to reunite my grand son with his father.He lost his dad made to go back to his country when he was 5 he lost his mom when he was 7 and now he is 9 and I am still fighting trying to get this unlawful system to let him come home. So dont say go to the back of the line they already live to become legal here and they do pay taxes pay in SS so dont believe any of this malarky either. Help the US citizens bring there families back together.

  5. I met my husband here in the States. We got married and we had kids and now a family. We fell in love and were together for years before we even thought about marriage. I am a U citizen but there is nothing I can do to be with the love of my life. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. We may be forced to move back to Ecuador. Our children were born here. In the city. My husband is from a small town in the country. If I ahve to I’ll move but this is so horrible because even as an American citizen I have no right to fall in love with whoever I want to fall in love with. I have no right to keep my spouse in my country. What kind of democracy is this?

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