ACTION: Sign the Petition to Stop the Smear Campaign against Sotomayor and NCLR

So we all knew that the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor would bring the extreme attacks from the usual crowd. What we didn’t know is exactly how far they would go.

Last week, Tom Tancredo (the ever-present anti-immigrant xenophobe from Colorado) called the National Council of La Raza (who Sotomayor is affiliated with) “‘a Latino KKK without the hoods and the nooses”. This attack on NCLR, which is a Latino advocacy organization that does great work to aid in education and civil rights for Latinos and people of color in the United States, is based solely on the inclusion of “La Raza” (the race) in their title.

From NCLR:

This outburst was reprehensible not only to Hispanics and communities of color, but to all Americans who want to put this ugly chapter of our history behind us.

Check out the video below to see Janet Murguia, the president and CEO of the NCLR, respond to Tancredo’s outrageous claims.

Help stop the smear campaign against Sotomayor and NCLR by signing THIS PETITION to Chairman Michael Steele of the RNC to condemn these statements as soon as possible.

And, for the record, from TPM:

literal translation [of La Raza]  is “The Race” (according to their Web site, other possibilities include “the people” and “the community”) and in the full linguistic context it refers essentially to advancing the civil rights and economic opportunities of Latinos. As a comparison, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People does not propose to oppress non-blacks, and the American Jewish Committee doesn’t aim to keep the Gentiles down.

And, as a Latin American Studies student, I know that “La Raza” comes from “La Raza Cosmica”, a term coined by Jose Vasconcelos, a Mexican intelectual in an essay from 1925. Vasconcelos’ notion of the “cosmic race” was the combination of various races and ethnicities into one “cosmic” people or community. His term actually blurs racial lines, as opposed to sharpening them. Maybe this should be some required reading for Mr. Tancredo…

One response to “ACTION: Sign the Petition to Stop the Smear Campaign against Sotomayor and NCLR

  1. I notice that you gave Janet Murguia 8:27 to respond to former Congressman Tom Tancredo’s :35 sound bite. That’s about a 15:1 advantage and strikes me as more of a smear campaign than vice versa.

    Four questions come to mind:

    1. Is NCLR registered as a foreign lobbyist organization? (I already know the answer.)

    2. What percentage of NCLR members have U.S. citizenship?

    3. What percentage of NCLR funding is from strictly U.S. sources (excluding those who are not U.S. citizens)?

    4. I believe that my good friend, the late Guy Gabaldon, should have received the Congressional Medal of Honor based upon his U.S. Marine Corps Commanding Officer’s recommendation and that discrimination due his Hispanic heritage may have been the cause of his receiving the Navy Cross instead of the Congressional Medal of Honor. What, if anything, has the NCLR ever done to address that injustice?

    You may be surprised to learn that Congressman Tancredo would agree with me regarding Pvt. Gabaldon’s heroism, sacrifice and unique accomplishments in Saipan during WWII. Perhaps the NCLR, the White House Chief of Staff and the Congressman could actually collaborate in support of a true American hero who served in the United States Marine Corps (as did I) and managed to save more enemy lives than anyone else in the history of military combat.


    My problem with your organization is simply that some of your members who are illegally present in the United States compete for jobs with individuals who have served the United States in combat and subsequently return to civilian life and become unemployed at least partially due to unjust politically motivated affirmative action (i.e., “diversity”) policies that interfere with the process of selecting the most qualified candidate for employment. Unfortunately, Judge Sotomayor favored less qualified African-American fire fighter candidates over more qualified white and Hispanic fire fighter candidates in the New Haven case. Fortunately, her decision in this case was just reversed. Her record shows that she is out of step and believes that she can legislate from the bench. That was not the intention of the Founding Fathers.

    The fact that the NCLR stills supports her provides supporting evidence that the NCLR actually is a racist organization that is more interested in Judge Sotomayor’s Latina roots than in her judicial competence. Surely, there are other better candidates for the job.

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