June 8th: Immigration Reform Comes to the White House

white house

So I know this is week-old news – it dropped while I was on a short vacation last week – but I had to post about it. This is one of the more exciting things to happen in the last year and I couldn’t miss an opportunity blog it. Last week, Politico broke the news that Obama has set a date for a meeting on Comprehensive Immigration Reform at the White House. June 8th, the White House will gather policy-makers from both sides of the aisle to begin pushing reform this year. From Politico:

“The meeting will be an opportunity to launch a policy conversation that we hope will be able to start a debate that will take place in Congress later in the year,” the official, who asked not to be named, said.

Asked if the session would be billed as a summit or a forum, like similar meetings on health care and fiscal responsibility earlier in the year, another official said, “This isn’t a forum or a summit with outside groups, this is solely a meeting with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and both sides of the issue.”

The meeting couldn’t come at a better time. The week before, on June 3rd – 5th, there will be a HUGE Summit where pro-reform advocates and activists will gather with allies from faith, labor and other communities to launch the Reform Immigration for America Campaign.  Yours truly will be live-blogging the Summit, so be sure to come back and check that out.

Can you feel the momentum building? This is going to be our year.

8 responses to “June 8th: Immigration Reform Comes to the White House

  1. There’s Immigration – Then There’s – OVER DOING Immigration ! Right now – America is WAY OVER – BY THE TRILLIONS TO MANY!
    I as a “TRUE BORN AMERICAN” am sick and tired of MY TAX DOLLARS going for to ILLEGALS
    FOR FREE in THIS COUTRY! I BELIEVE FULLY, The the JOBS here in America – GOES FIRST To The REAL AMERICANS! And I know what your thinking – “WHAT ABOUT JOBS AMERICANS WON’T TAKE?” Well – you know as well as I do – WE have a “WELFARE SYSTEM” – and you go there anyday of the week / not week-ends of course, BUT you’ll see YOUNG ADULTS lined up for FREE THIS-N-THAT!! And these are Americans too. Their BUTTS would be MADE to EARN EVERY DOLLAR!! I had to – My late husband had too – their no better. If you want something – YOU work for it. And American MONEY STAYS in America – NOT sent back to Mexico!!! Through the YRS. – The USA has GIVEN MEXICO – TRILLIONS & TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS – To MAKE Jobs for their people!! Where did that money GO?? The People of Mexico NEEDS to find out ASAP! That money was MENT to MAKE jobs for them. And that’s NOT The American peoples fault at all. So WHY do we have to pay the price – by giving up our TAX DOLLARS – give ILLEGALS our Jobs – ect. – ect. – on down the line! Mexico People wouldn’t do that for Americans if we went there!!!
    I HAVE friends that are LEGAL Mexicans. They themselfs DON’T want them here taking our jobs!

  2. Roy Anderson

    Whatever happened to the “Quota System” that INS used, to allow Foreigners opportunity to come to America. My Mom and Dad, and my wife came from Norway, on that Quota System, and they waited after making application to get entry permits. They learned English while waiting, they loved America, and became U.S. Citizens, and my brothers fought in WW ll for America. None of us wanted to change America to our way of thinking, we wanted to uphold everything SHE stood for. Our own President now, sworn to uphold the Constitution is seeking to destroy the very Foundation upon which our Nation was founded. Shame, Shame on all who were so fooled by “The Changer”.

  3. What you people don’t understand is that the inmigration system is broken, i personally know tons of “illegals” that are here just waiting to get their visa number so they can get the “green card” and come out of the shadows but since the system is so messed up they have to wait even 11 yrs to get their residence, i mean com’on if this people were brought to the light this country would be safer since we would know the name is “the latin guy who was driving without a license and messed up my car” but since we have no record then i have no car and no one to sue.

    Also think about it this way right now they are living here working here and maybe not paying taxes if we give them “papers” they would have to pay taxes and this economy wouldn’t be so f#%@#$ up, hell if i pay my taxes why shouldn’t they.

    Plus you know Juanito the mexican guy doesn’t know how to use a computer but hell he is good cleaning the floors or drilling on the walls, thats worked i am not interested in doing so let them do it for us but make’em pay for the right of live,work and drive on this country.

  4. Wow, Sarah and Roy – you both have a lot to learn. It is a shame that people who don’t quite have enough information on a topic start to complain and use faulty information and blanket statements that are not based on true facts. Sarah, I think you need to go back to school and have a more open mind, and you may go a little further in life and not have to work at some of the “bottom of the barrel” jobs which you claim to compete for so earnestly.

    I am a professor who teaches English as a second language, and most of my students, even beginners, take a lot more pride in what they write – making sure, first of all, that they use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. Second of all, when one write something, it is imperitive that they have a basis for what they write, using valid, research-based sources other than word-of-mouth, to make a point. That way, you would have a leg to stand on, so to speak, and would not waste your time worrying about a percieved problem that in reality is not even a problem. For example, you complain that your tax dollars are going toward wellfare for illegal immigrants, and this is statistically unfounded. Not even 10% of the people who qualify or recieve services such as these from the federal government are undocumented immigrants. Furthermore, many of them who do use faulty social security numbers pay the maximum in income taxes, and are not even able to claim it on their tax returns and get a refund, because their social security number doesn’t exist!

    Roy, I understand that a lot of people seem to have the impression you do. It is understandable, especially if you do not have a vested interest in immigration reform, or do not follow the changes in immigration closely; however, your statements and proposals are based on a lack of information. Just to give you an update, they have changed the name of the “INS” to the “ICE”, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. One of the problems with the quota system you spoke of is the fact that has not been updated to suite the needs of our country. It allows for just a minute fraction of the people who are legally qualified to even visit, let alone come here for work. That quota or system of trying to come legally is so antiquated that it only works for those who are in the extremely elite population (e.g., those with doctorate degrees/highly saught-after professional skills, quite wealthy, etc.). You may say “great, those are the only people we would want here”; however, that does not address what is the crux of the problem. That is, those who come here because they are so economically impoversihed and desperate that they will risk their lives and those of their family members, and often give their entire life savings just for the CHANCE, and the POSSIBILITY of living in a place that is less dangerous, where they are not completely scraping just to get by, where they can get get (not even) honest pay for an honest day’s work (usually quite more than an honest day’s work). The fact is that times have changed, and we as a country need to take a good, hard look at all of the pieces of this puzzle, and try to come up with something that is reasonable. A very difficult task. Shame on you for doubting those who believe in our President. Is a belief in our beautiful coutry not what we all are pround of, and what we all strive for? Tell me, if you were in their situation, would you sit there and feel sorry for yourself and let your family and your pride suffer? I think not.

  5. All I have to say is Meg you are totally right! I couldn’t have said it better! Good job! Atleast there are still some kind people out there!

  6. I agree with JAMES on his ideas. They are already here and you cannot get rid of all of them besides SARAH you must understand that they do the dirty jobs no American is willing to do.

    SARAH, you can take a donkey to the river but cannot make it drink water and the same applies for lazy welfare seekers.

    The system has been broken like approximately 12 million times, so what does that tell you ??? FIX IT… right !

    I do support legalizing them and making them learn english (test them in 2 years or fine/revoke), pay a couple grand in fine for breaking the law, paying income taxes for the next 10 years atleast (no welfare for next 10 years) and definitely deport all those who have criminal history. With all this money the US will have enough money to build a tecnologically secured border.

  7. All I have to say, if somebody is so upset about this whole immigration reform, don’t know what we have to go through. Let me tell you my story. I’m here for ten years, and I came here legally. I applied for a green card I had to wait eight years to get an answer, which was an approval. Than immigration denied our case, because the employer didn’t pay his taxes. In that eight year waiting period, I couldn’t leave America, I had two daughters who doesn’t speak my native language, who become true Americans, so according to some people, I should tell my 9 and 6 years old daughters, oops, you’re not American anymore, we have to go to a different country where she’s never been? Only because we had to waited eight years for an answer from the Labor Department? I’m sorry, I made a choice once when I was 22, how many people is out there who would like to have a better life and wants to make a change. I was a nurse in my country, and I couldn’t make a living. I have no choice now, I can’t tell my daughters they can’t see their friends anymore, or she has to live in a different world from now on. I was waiting and did everything what my lawyer told me to do and now I can’t do anything but sit and wait until a reform.

  8. I hope that something is done about immigration. I’m an 18 year old who just graduated from high school, I’ve been here since 5th Grade. I did not have any say in my parents decision to leave my country of origin. I learned everything here in ENGLISH and now to go back will be a completely different thing. I do not agree with people using another person’s S.S.N. but if they have no other choice in this country you have to do it. My dream has always been to graduate from College to be the first in my family, I really hope this will come through for me and all the others who have the same dream.

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