FIRM Spotlight: Radio Movimiento – Now Streaming Live to your Computer

radio movimiento

Last year, I interviewed some folks involved in an amazing project called Radio Movimiento, which is a low-power FM radio station in Oregon. On air for two and a half years, the station’s mission is to provide a voice on the airwaves to combat oppression and discrimination, while helping to build self-confidence, self-esteem and developing valuable skills in the surrounding communities.

Working with PCUN – Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noreste – Radio Movimiento (or KPCN) has had an inspiring impact on the local community in Woodburn, Oregon.

From CAUSA Oregon’s blog:

Many of the voices heard on KPCN-LP are ones almost never heard on spanish language stations or by a mass audience. They include youth, indigenous people (speaking in their own dialects), women, workers, plus progressive leaders from Latino communities around the corner and around Latin America. With it’s weekly line-up, the station lives by it’s slogan: “La Voz del Pueblo” (The Voice of the People).

This is truly an amazing endeavor and in my interviews with KPCN staff last year, I was amazed by what they have been able to accomplish. The good news is that Radio Movimiento is now available to stream online! For those of us outside of their range, we can now visit to stream Radio Movimiento’s programming through our computers.

I encourage folks to tune in, even if they’ve never been to Oregon. These programs are great resources to expand your knowledge about immigrant rights, workers rights, the Latino community AND connecting the grassroots level to the national debates.

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