Boy Scouts Train to Fight Immigrants: Is there a Merit Badge for that?

boy scout

Today, the New York Times is running a story featuring a new twist on the tradition of Boy Scouts. The Explorer program, which began 60 years ago, is now training Scouts as young as 14 to “confront terrorism, illegal immigration and border violence”. Does anybody else find this disturbing?

At a time when President Obama is calling us all to service, while facing an economic crisis that is threatening every one of our communities, we need to be training our young people to help their communities — not grab guns and junior military garb to play scare tactics along the border. We need sensible, professional border security, not kids who want to play a real-life version of G.I. Joe

But, more importantly, we also need to teach our nation’s children to help everyone in their communities in need, immigrants and citizens alike. Aren’t there plenty of little old ladies who still need help crossing the street? Not to get too cliche here, but aren’t the Boy Scouts the ones who used to help those little old ladies? Well, what if the little old lady in question looked like an undocumented immigrant? These kids are trained to use force, even guns against her. What message does that send to our young people?

The criminalization of immigrants inherent in these training “simulations” echoes the mindset that immigrants are less than human. They become merely moving targets, at which even a 16 year-old feels comfortable taking aim. Not only should we be learning that kids and guns are a deadly combination, from still healing scars of school violence in our nation, but we should be even more outraged that these kids are being handed guns and then given a crash course in racial insensitivity.

In a competition in Arizona that he did not oversee, Deputy Lowenthal said, one role-player wore traditional Arab dress. “If we’re looking at 9/11 and what a Middle Eastern terrorist would be like,” he said, “then maybe your role-player would look like that. I don’t know, would you call that politically incorrect?”

The political correctness of this endeavor is completely beside the point. The issue at hand is that this program is feeding into the dehumanization of immigrants that we have seen such tragic consequences from in recent months. It is one thing to even hand a kid a gun, its a completely different thing to then identify targets based on race, ethnicity or country of origin.

The Boy Scouts should be ashamed.

7 responses to “Boy Scouts Train to Fight Immigrants: Is there a Merit Badge for that?

  1. sabah_malkawi

    This contradicts with the world citizinship merit badge.isnt it ?

  2. I believe it is the EXPLORERS, a more senior branch of the BSA, who were gaining career training, and paramilitary practice using toy guns. Your complaint, ignores the training of the Brown Berets de Aztlan, who dress in camoflauge battle uniforms, with Mexican National flag patches attached, and use paintball guns to practice paramilitary warfare in preparation for the day when they will rise up to attack citizens loyal to the USA. The BSA is pro-America, and you attack their efforts, which makes you an enemy of the USA, in my books. You should pack up and follow your heart, and go live in the nation you love, under the flag you admire, because your presence in the USA, is deemed as a domestic terrorist threat by me.

  3. “It is one thing to even hand a kid a gun, its a completely different thing to then identify targets based on race, ethnicity or country of origin.”

    However, it is justifiable to identify targets based on behavior, and those suspected of breaking the laws, and treaties established by a society or between nations. The Borders and Customs Protection Forces of the USA follow lawful orders or Rules of Engagement, and they file after action reports.

  4. The Explorers are actually not Boy Scouts but a part of the overarching branch called lifelong learning. Explorers were in danger of dissolving due legal requirements of civil-servant employent requirements. The requirements were to ensure hiring practices were not based on gender, race, reliogion…and sexual preference. Since BSA has a policy regarding homosexuality and excluded girls from being scouts (no longer true: see Venturing Scouts) many police/fire departments were no longer allowed to take on the Explorer Posts and to help guide young Americans towards a vocation. The Explorers are no longer Boy Scouts but are of course closely aligned. BSA instills many of the core competincies that you all mentioned, citizenship, community involvement, and volunteering. Though I personnaly believe the law is the law, I, like many other scout volunteers leave boys to their own beliefs after showing them different sides or aspects of a story.

  5. Really, Faceman? You present different sides of a story and leave the boys to their own beliefs? You mean the ones that weren’t already excluded because of their atheist or agnostic beliefs or homosexuality?

    I find that hard to believe, considering your bias shows even in your short comment.

  6. David, the BSA, is a male-focused, paramilitary training and indoctrination unit of the unorganized militia, founded on traditional Christian morals and values, sanctioned by the US government. The training through the ranks teach young boys coping skills for life ahead. Explorers, receive advanced skills training, in a mixed-gender enviroment, but do not practice or serve on the borders or ports, until completion of training, and acceptance in Federal Services.

  7. I am amazed about borderraven’s comments. What makes you more loyal to this country than any other US Citizen who dissents from your racist views? What makes the BSA more pro-America than any other US Citizen that supports a path to comprehensive immigration reform?

    Fact: Only Native Americans were lawfully present in the United States before it was “discovered.” So borderraven, unless you are a descent of a Native American, I am pretty sure your family were illegal immigrants who deserved not to be in the United States too….You have no more rights than the Braceros or the Chinese that were lured by the United States Government to save the economy in the past.

    So, my friend, in my books you are just another white supremacist, racist, who should be ashamed of your beliefs.

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