Why are YOU Marching Today?

girl-posterWe asked people to text in and tell us why they marched today. Here are some of the amazing responses we’ve gotten:

Para cambio!! Para una reforma migratoria que les de derechos justo. (For change! For immigration reform that gives fair rights).

Marche porque tenemos que uniros para poder lograr una reforma migratoria. (I marched because we must come together to be able to acheive immigration reform.

Hoy fui ha marchar porque quiero seguir estudiando y trabajando y que mi familia pueda trabajar tanbien. (Today I marched because I want to continue to study and work and I want my family to be able to work too).

X q no quiero mas injusticias (Because I don’t want any more injustice).

Justice, thank you for your support and i hope that we can make a big difference in this country

Para que todos tengamos los mismos derechos y nadie sea dercriminado. Diciendoles mojados o ilegales. (So that we all have the same rights and so nobody is discriminated against – called wetbacks or illegals).

Yo marche por ke los del govierno se den cuenta ke el pueblo Latino a qui queremos ser parte del suemericano en fin yo marche por mi gente. (I marched because the government needs to know that the Latino community here wants to be part of America. I marched for my people.)

For a  stop to no match letters dignity and respect

Yo apoyo la marcha x la reforma migratoria ya q tengo una hija en la universidad y mi esposa y yo tenemos mas de 21 anos en este gran pais ojala y dios quiera q cambien el sistema politico y podamos ser legales un dia para poder hacer muchas cosas mas buenas x este pais q dios bendiga a este pais. (I support the march for reform since I have a daughter in college and my wife and I have been in this great country for 21 years. May God grant a change in the political system so that we can be legal and one day be able to do many good things for this country. May God Bless this country.)

Para apoyar los derechos del imigrante . Ya que este pais fue formado por imigrantes. (To support immigrant rights, since this country was founded by immigrants.

Por k tengo 20 anos aqui mi esposo me abandono con mis 4 hijos yo deseo trabajar tengo las herramientas para salir adelante solo necesito papeles x eso. ( Because I have been here for twenty years. My husband abondoned me with 4 kids and I want to work. I have the tools to succeed, but I need the papers to do so.)

Marcho por una reforma migratoria para que las familias permanezcan juntas y no aga tanta descriminacion contra los inducomentados. (I am marching for immigration reform so that families stay together and there is not as much discrimination against undocumented immigrants.)

Yo quiero estudiar y tener un futuro exitoso!!! Hare lo posible para salir adelante en mi paiz, Los Estados Unidos! (I want to study and have a successful future! I will do whatever is possible to succeed in my country, the United States!)

No marche pero d corazon estoy con mi gente apoyo 100% con los inmigrantes. (I didn’t march but in my heart I am with my people, supporting immigrants 100%).

Por que estamos cansados de escondernos! (Because we are tired of hiding).

Por un futuro mejor a todos los q vivimos en las sombras de los q pueden votar q pueden decidir por nosotros por un trato mejor trabajos mejores. (For a better future for all who live in the shadows. That we can vote and make decisions for better treatment and better jobs).


Por el bien de mucha gente que se beneficiaria y espesialmente mi hermana. (For the good of many people who will benefit [from reform] and especially my sister).

Por una reforma migratoria y por los derechos de los imigrantes. (For immigration reform and for immigrant rights).

Para que apoyamos nuestra causa y para que vean que seguimos en la lucha gracias por darnos la oportunidad de expresarnos. (So that we support the cause and so that people see we are continuing the fight. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves.)

Mi opinion sobre la marcha de hoy espero ke la reforma Imigratoria se realice para todos los Inmigrantes. Y para ke los jovenes vayan ala Universidad. (My opinion about today’s march is that I hope immigration reform is passed for all immigrants. And so that our youth can attend Universities).

Por que no separen a las familias yo con 2 hijos y mi esposa ciudadana Americana y porque todos merecemos una oportunidad en este pais. (Because families shouldn’t be separated, like me with my two kids and my American citizen wife. Because we all deserve an opportunity.)

I march because I want congress to know that is time to fix our broken immigration system.

For the dream act!

Marcho por justicia Marcho por libertad Marcho porque no soy invisible Marcho por mi familia Marcho porque tengo derecho Marcho por mi futuro Marcho porque soy Americano. (I am marching for justice. I am marching for liberty. I am marching because I am not invisible. I am marching for my family. I am marching because I have the right. I am marching for my future. I am marching because I am American).

Yo marcho x una reforma justa unificar familias igualdad de derechos. (I am marching for a just reform to unite families and for equal rights).

Pass the dream act!

Yo marche x q como uno de tantos ispanos q soy quiero q nos cumpla el presidente con la reforma migratoria q prometio. (I am marching because like so many other Hispanics I want the President to fulfill his promise of immigration reform)

For Equal Rights. We are all human. It should not matter where you were born. There’s only 1 sky, moon, sun, & ONE GOD! May God bless us all! America is great because of the people who live here. People of every Race! Lets us join as 1 & be heard!

Kiero un mejor futuro para mis ijos esposa y para este pais gracias. (I want a better future for my wife, kids and for this country. Thanks.)

To keep the families united and for the dream act.

por un mejor futuro…

Porque queremos tener mas derechos y voz como comunidad hispana trabajadora que somos Gracias por dejar opinar. (Because we want more rights and a voice as a hard-working hispanic community that we are. Thanks for letting us give our opinion)

Por ke todos los imigrantes tenemos derecho a un mejor nivel d vida en este estado y k no nos ignoren. (Because all immigrants deserve the right to a better quality of life in this country and we won’t be ignored).

Yo marcho por el derecho de los emigrantes merecemos salir de las sombras (I am marching for all immigrants; we deserve to come out of the shadows.)

So much that I need say, but i can’t say it all now , so that’s why I march today!

I want the many unheard voices heard of those who come to this country to prosper to make their dreams come true. To those who come to provide a better.

Para la union d ninos con padres y familia. (For the unity of children with their parents and families)


Yo marcho x q creo en el pueblo humilde y trabajador q venimos a tratar d mejorar el futuro d nuestras familias dejandolos y sin saber cuando volveremos (I march because I believe in a humble and hard-working people and we came here to improve the future of our families. We left them without knowing when we would return.)

Because we want the dream act to pass

Apoyamos los derechos humanos e individuales de toda persona, aun mas de quienes contribuyen con el pago de impuestos, UNIDOS X LA REFORMA MIGRATORIA.

(We support human and individual rights for every one, and even more for those who contribute by paying taxes. UNIFIED FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM)

Por mi familia y un bienestar para el pais.

(For my family and the good of the country).

So my friends won’t have to be afraid anymore. Now is the time! We need immigration reform.

Too many children are left without their parents due to a broken immigration system. These people deserve a fighting chance therefore, I will be marching.

Because our kids need change now!

I walked for parents to stay united not separated like mine are.

I march so my aunt can be reunited with our family here. She has been waiting for a visa to come from india for over 6 years. We miss her!!!!!

Because of freedom, liberty, and peace! We want immigrants to feel safe and be treated equally!

I am marching to fight for the rights of undocumented working families who are building the base of my hometown economy one day at a time- gracias para todos!

3 responses to “Why are YOU Marching Today?


  2. Í marched with my mom so my parents can be legal in the usa.so me and my family can go to vacations around the world.

  3. Maria Arteaga

    Thank you very much for all you do to help our people. We had a vigil in Garden city ks and even though we are a small town we had about 150 people Black, White, and Vietnamese with their families. We had a variety of colors shapes and sizes we all came out in the cold together as one not being afraid the different strangers among us to pray for: Families to maintain together. For our youth that work so hard in their studies to have an opportunity to continue their studies and become successful architects doctors ect.
    So that we no longer be treated as criminals
    So that we can work without being scared that someone will come and take us away
    So that we get what we deserve as Americans because we are Americans
    So that we can go and are our families in our native countries and be afraid that we might not be able to come back
    We came together to ask our congress representatives Pat Roberts Sam Brownback and Jerry Moran that we need an immigration reform that is human and just for all we need this reform to go through and we pray that we have results this year. Thank you once again God bless you.

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