May 1st: Boston, MA 4:45 pm

The marches in Boston are arriving at the central rally. Check out these pics from the action. The first one features a Brazilian Revered blessing the crowd. Our partners at MIRA Coalition are telling me that the mood in Boston is relaxed and celebratory, despite threatening skies. The are of Boston where the march is located is the Brazilian/Central American neighborhood of Everett. Upwards of 400 immigrants, church members, union members, and social justice orgs are gathered to hear speakers and singers in 3 languages.

A friend just emailed to tell me the story of a woman he met at the rally. She is from El Salvador and was marching with three young girls in tow, two born in the states. She told him that she had lived in the US for 8 years and though she heard about the rally on Spanish language TV and decided to come out “para la lucha”.

I love stories like that.





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