MAY DAY Marches – Where will you be?


I will be here in Washington, DC, live-blogging the marches across the country. Be sure to tune in on Friday to see pictures, videos and hear stories of folks who are marching for justice this May 1st. Also, if you’d like to send me pictures, videos or stories from the ground, leave me a comment with your email address and I will send you contact information!

Be sure to check out to find the most up-to-date list of events happening this May 1st.

For those of you who can’t march – and you’d better have a good reason – you can join the VIRTUAL MARCH!! Text  “justice” to 69866 and join the TEXT ACTION NETWORK. Then get five of your friends to do the same!

This May 1st, we are taking it to the streets ( and the virtual streets) to demand justice for all workers and ensure that immigrants are allowed to work for America’s Prosperity.

We want Just and Humane Immigration Reform and we want it NOW!

3 responses to “MAY DAY Marches – Where will you be?

  1. Robert Gittelson

    I will be participating in the “other” Los Angeles march and rally, sponsored by the May 1st Coaltion. This march starts at noon, at the corner of Olympic and Broadway in Downtown Los Angeles. I am scheduled to speak at this rally, as I did at their rally at the Los Angeles Convention Center last month on April 4th. That march and rally had several thousand participants, but we expect that this rally will be much larger.

    The point is, it really doesn’t matter which rally you participate in, as long as you participate! For info on this rally, visit:

    Si Se Puede!

    Robert Gittelson

  2. How can this be very complete when there’s no contact info on the web site for more submissions?

    PLEASE put contact info there–I just sent a bunch of rural Minnesotans to this web site, telling them they should submit more events if they know of them. Thank you!

  3. Oakland marched from Fruitvale BART to downtown Frank Ogawa Plaza, 3.5 miles in the rain. I talked to people who did San Francisco and Oakland in a day. It was a badass procession of umbrellas for about two solid hours. We estimated numbers between 500 and 1000 and knew we had satellite marches in solidarity all over the Bay and across the way. Awesome day. Hyphy! Best to all in our efforts to turn marching feet into policy reform. Force those meetings! Walk into their offices like you own the place with a letter to sign in hand.

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