MAY DAY: Giant Postcard to the President


Sorry for my brief absence folks! I’ve been so wrapped up in preparing for May 1st that I’ve had little time to think about much else. Friday is sure to be an amazing day and yours truly will be right here live-blogging events from across the country. Straight from the streets to your computer screen!

I wanted to highlight a really cool event that will be happening that day. In addition to their march through the streets of Los Angeles, MIWON and CHIRLA are planning to unveil a “giant postcard” to President Obama. Here’s the scoop:

More than 2,000 workers will coordinate a giant billboard that will reveal a message to President Obama about two important themes to workers in the United States:  improving the economy and fixing our broken immigration system.

The oversized “Postcard to the President” will be unveiled at approximately 4:30 p.m. (PST) in front of Our Lady Queen of Angeles Church, located directly across from historical Olvera Street just north of downtown Los Angeles.  As marchers arrive from Echo Park Lake, more than 2,000 workers will be handed a section of the giant postcard and will be positioned to reveal the secret message.  Aerial shots of the postcard will be sent to the President and video of the activity will be made available to the public via YouTube  and other digital outlets.

Pretty cool idea, huh? I wonder what the billboard will say. I’ll be sure to post the video and pictures of the event as they roll in this weekend.

Also, check out the great poster created for the May 1st event here in Washington, DC. Anyone who is in the area should come out to Malcom X Park at 3pm on Friday to join in the march!

In the mean time, keep checking for the most up-to-date list of events across the country. Find one in your neighborhood and join the thousands of others marching this Friday! Three days till May 1st!

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