DREAM Act: The College Board Wants Help for Undocumented Students

dream-act-buttonThe College Board, known mostly for the ubiquitous SAT exam, has publicly called for federal legislation to give more opportunities to undocumented students seeking to pay in-state tuition. Basically, the College Board is saying that the DREAM Act is, in fact, a good idea.

Speaking publicly on the issue for the first time, the board is making its push after states in recent years have moved to bar illegal immigrants from paying in-state tuition and, in some cases, enrolling in their public colleges. It also comes as opponents are warning that immigration reform now could reduce already-scarce jobs and college enrollment slots in the ailing economy.

“This is a new area for us, but it was an easy call,” said Thomas Rudin, a senior vice president for the College Board.

He noted the contradiction in which illegal immigrants who are legally entitled to a K-12 public education suddenly hit barriers when applying to college, even when many are “honor roll students, athletes, class presidents and valedictorians.”

Its long overdue that institutions of higher education joined the fight for undocumented students.  Kids like Maria, in the video below, deserve a chance to contribute in a meaningful way to our country.

In the video below, Maria shares her experience as a young immigrant caught between the country of her birth (Mexico) and the country she has grown up (the U.S.) and how the DREAM Act would enable her to achieve a long-term goal: completing college.

For ways to help support the DREAM act click here.

4 responses to “DREAM Act: The College Board Wants Help for Undocumented Students

  1. Robert Gittelson

    First of all, I’d like to applaud the College Board for taking this important and courageous stand in support of the Dream Act. However, I would also like to take this opportunity to point out that even this seemingly small and obvious step in the right direction of positive immigration reform for our country does not go unopposed by enemies of immigration. Just today, the New York Times ran an editorial titled “Immigrant Children in Legal Limbo,” in which they publish a “debate” on the Dream Act.

    Standing in direct opposition to the passage of this much needed legislation, the Times published the opinion of Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies. Not surprisingly, Krikorian implores Congress to adopt two “Poison Pill” additions to the legislation in an effort to thwart any possible passage of the bill. First, he suggest that to “compensate for such an amnesty,” the bills should include language that would permanently end or reverse any “family unification” laws already on the books, to end what he calls, “chain migration.” Secondly, he insists that the bill should include language that would immediately require every business in this country to implement e-verify, in an effort to immediately render all 7,000,000 plus working undocumented in this country completely and totally unemployable, thus “motivating” them to voluntarily self deport in an effort to survive.

    Of course, Krikorian has been advocating what he calls, “Attrition Through Enforcement,” for several years, so his obvious attempt here to conflate the issues of “an opportunity for innocent and high achieving undocumented youth,” with his “quest to rid our nation of undocumented immigrants, no matter the cost,” is not at all surprising.

    Make no mistake, the enemies of immigrant rights are waiting in the tall grass. I just wanted to take this opportunity to point out one of the more obvious ones.

    Robert Gittelson

  2. Stuart Hurlbert

    Since you received but did not post my earlier comment on this topic am I to assume that you are willing to accept only commentary favorable to the DREAM Act??

    Stuart Hurlberrt

  3. no, i post all comments as long as they are not violent and do not promote hate speech. if your previous comment was not posted, it was not because i deleted it. i get lots of comments and not all of them hit my inbox. feel free to re-post.


  4. i just searched for your comment in my inbox and found it. it somehow didn’t make it to the blog, if i did delete it, it was an accident. i’m re-posting it here for you.

    posted by stuart hurlbert:

    The DREAM Act represents just one more incentive to illegal immigration, one more reward for the criminal activities of the anchor babies’ parents, one more subsidy of illegals at the expense of citizens.

    Parents of anchor babies should return to the countries where they have citizenship. Their anchor baby children can stay, so long as some other adults accept to be their legal guardians.

    Otherwise, until they are 18, they must return with their parents to the countries where they (usually) would be citizens were it not for their parents illegal countries.

    The U.S. will reap as it sows. If Obama continues the lawless tradition of previous administrations in refusing to enforce existing immigration laws, then expect increases in lawlessness at many levels.

    And do not complain when your mayor, sheriff, governor, etc. decides that they, too – like Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. — have the right to ignore existing law.

    Mark Krikorian and CIS have it exactly right. Their position statements are based on hard fact and reflect greater integrity on these matters than you will ever see in the White House or Congress, with few exceptions.

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