ACTION: Vote for Breakthrough’s Video – Death in Detention

From our friends at Breakthrough:

We need your VOTE for Breakthrough’s immigration video “Death by Detention.” It has been selected as a finalist for the 2009 DoGooderTV Nonprofit Awards!

Go to Staff Long-Form Finalists and choose “Death by Detention.” Your vote puts us closer to educating even more audiences about an unjust, harsh immigration system.

Told from the point of view of her sister June Everett, this powerful video unravels the tragic story of Sandra Kenley, a 52-year-old grandmother, who, after living in the U.S. legally for 33 years, was subjected to medical negligence and inhumane conditions that eventually caused her death in immigration detention.

It’s critical that these often silenced voices be heard, and that the system of neglect be exposed, so we can build civic support to speak out against blatant violations of human rights.

VOTE for our video TODAY!

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