VIDEO: Ali Noorani Takes on Lou Dobbs

Watch the video below to see Ali Noorani, of the National Immigration Forum, take on Lou Dobbs and Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

4 responses to “VIDEO: Ali Noorani Takes on Lou Dobbs

  1. myrton woolen

    jail time or send them illagals back to their country be the second presdent to up hold all laws in the United States. no reform bill is needed the laws are broken take a stand

  2. aboveaverageamerican

    myrton woolen most of those alien speak and write better english that you do…..

  3. aboveaverageamerican

    This is the best interview I have seen done by Lou Dobbs. Unlike Robert, Ali makes a lot of sense and adding to that the money that penalties would bring into the system in addition to selecting who is to stay…….we all win!!

  4. I’m an American and I see all these things in my job:
    Isn’t the illegals immigrants that are screwing us is our BOSSES that want to make more $, they want people that work more for less, is CAPITALISM! Everybody does it!
    I know a LOT of Patriotic Americans that hire illegals, and they won’t hire americans, ask them, WHY?
    Dobbs I have a Real JOB for YOU!
    Make this country Great again, remember was built in the backs of all immigrants:europeans,mexicans etc.all over the world.All come courtesy of our free-market economy, which demands VERY CHEAP LABOR.
    No american would pick strawberries for $5000. a year like illegal immigrants, if they don’t find anybody here our AMERICAN BOSS will go overseas and America will be more screw…

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