VIDEO: No Room for Hate in the Immigration Debate

Caroline Murray of the Alliance to Develop Power was on the O’Reilly Factor talking to Laura Ingraham about the possibilities of immigration reform. Ingrhama demonstrated artfully how many hard-liners have scapegoated immigrants and twisted the debate to suit their political slant. Murray, who is a tireless advocate for hard working people in the United States, is now receiving threatening phone calls and emails.

Hate has absolutely no place in the debate over immigration. It is time to set aside the vitriolic rhetoric and come together to find a sensible approach to an issue that has become a wedge issue for many like Ingraham.

2 responses to “VIDEO: No Room for Hate in the Immigration Debate

  1. The Observer

    Well we can talk about the immigration problem, but bigger than the problem itself is the absolute ignorance of some people about the reality… Laura Ingraham shows a lot of professionalism trying to speak along with Caroline Murray and yells at the interviewed, but really shows who she is when makes sounds like “dararararara, I can’t hear you…”
    If immigration issues are something that you want to discuss, let’s do it in an adult manner.

  2. Siobhan Ring

    Great work Caroline – it’s great to hear a voice for justice taking on the Right in their own house.

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