ACTION: Defend Nancy Pelosi’s Courageous Words


Earlier this week, I posted on Nancy Pelosi and her brave call to end the immigration raids.

At a stop on the Family Unity tour, the top leader in Congrees called for reform of our country’s most inhumane immigration tactics. She said our immigration laws are tearing families apart. She also said that knocking down doors in the middle of the night to hunt undocumented workers is un-American.

Anti-immigrant radio hosts and TV commentators have launched a full-scale attack on Speaker Pelosi, calling her un-American for demanding reform to laws that tear husbands away from wives and mothers away from children.

Our friends at America’s Voice have started a campaign to thank Pelosi for her brave comments and to send a resounding message to the anti’s: Raids are un-American and Pelosi should be commended for her bravery.

The goal is to send 1000 letters – we are already at 365 – will you help?

3 responses to “ACTION: Defend Nancy Pelosi’s Courageous Words

  1. Yes!
    Free hands outs. Listen Pelosi is an ass and two faced. She only wants your votes and could care less about your well being. Here is an idea for those here illegally, move back to your country of origin and change things. Don’t come here and be a leech, have a little pride. You are not citizens and NOT Americas resposibility

  2. It appears that the anti-immigrant crazies like John Druley have started to trickle into websites like this one. I have to warn the good people who naturally patronize this site to be on their guard and be always be prepared to educate people like John Druley.
    People like him are usually poorly educated, irrational, xenophobic, and rely heavily on extreme right-wing talk radio as their main source of information.

  3. Nicolas Venzor

    Ah Mr Druley. You have eloquently shown us the obstacles that the Dream Act is up against. It saddens me that there is such ignorance in this country, but it doesn’t surprise me. But against the odds, if we keep pushing, things will change and these rabid nativists will be where they are now. Unchanged and bitter. Still trying to hinder progress in this country by spewing hate. And what’s worse is that they always find a tentative ear.

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