Pelosi Calls for an End to Immigration Raids

Last Sunday, the Family Unity Tour, headed by Congressman Luis Gutierrez, stopped in San Francisco in its effort to  keep families together in the face of destructive immigration enforcement policies. During the San Francisco event, leaders were joined by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who gave a powerful speech calling for an end to immigration raids.


“Our future is about our children,” Pelosi told a crowd of mostly Latino families at St. Anthony’s Church.

No matter if those families arrived two days ago or centuries ago, Pelosi said “that opportunity, that determination, that hope has made American more American.”

She said, “Taking parents from their children … that’s un-American.”

It is about time that a Washington leaders take a stand and call for an end to the raids. They are destructive, costly and tear apart not just families, but entire communities. Click here to find a full schedule of events on the Family Unity Tour.

3 responses to “Pelosi Calls for an End to Immigration Raids

  1. Keith Raymond

    Regarding the above referenced article, Pelosi’s comment that illegal aliens are “special people” and that their attendance reflects a move toward taking responsibility for our country’s future and thus making them patriotic is mind-numbing.

    My family who fought (and in one instance gave his life) for this country would be appalled at her calling these people patriotic. These and our other veterans that fought and/or died for this country are the true patriots. My son that’s proudly serving in the United States Navy during this, a time of war is a true patriot.

    On the other hand, the people that fled their native country by illegally crossing our borders and moving in with other illegal aliens in our United States are not patriotic. They are quite simply violators of our Nation’s immigration laws. I’ll repeat what I just said: THEY ARE VIOLATORS OF FEDERAL LAW. Pelosi of all people should know that. Yet she condones such behavior in public and call these violators “patriotic”? Her use of the term cheapens its meaning and is disgraceful.

    These people don’t know the meaning of patriotism. Indeed, if they were patriotic, why aren’t they showing their patriotism toward their own country? It’s because they don’t give a flip about their country, otherwise they’d remain there, tackling their problems head on and attempting to make a difference in their and their country’s future.

    Their behavior of violating our laws is an exhibition of patriotic behavior? What they really care about is coming to this country illegally, knowingly breaking the law and getting jobs which, in case you haven’t heard, are hard to come by these days.

    In closing, these illegal aliens didn’t come to this country because they’re patriots or are patriotic. They came because they want a job, pure and simple. And as far as Democratic Representative Luis Gutierrez efforts are concerned, he’s merely using the illegal aliens as pawns in his efforts to keep ICE agents from busting them and sending them back across the border.

    Finally, Pelosi and Gutierrez’ comments that ICE raids and deportations are tearing illegal alien marriages, families and children apart is bogus, If they weren’t here illegally to begin with, they wouldn’t be torn apart!

  2. Guadalupe Loyola

    I honestly cannot believe that such a malignant comment was put here. Why are you on this site in the first place. It seems as if your comments would be better appreciated else where. Perhaps an anti immigrant site or maybe a racist website. One or the other im sure you would get their support.
    Now you move on to talk about how your son is in the military. Well thats great and im sure that your proud of him but have you stopped and looked to see that their is a great amount of hispanics in the military. Just as their is a great amount of illegal immigrants in this country providing their sweat in jobs that help the economy. The goverment simply has to accept the fact that we are part of the country regardless of how we got here. Lets just look at something. Many hispanics in the military when not u.s. citizens yet, they were only residents. After their death they were granted citizenship. Why did the goverment wait untill he was dead…? Thats an outrage. What good did that do anymore? He couldnt call America his country anymore. A reform is needed now. Illegal immigrants that have been here for years and have made a life here want the opportunity to be able to call this their home too. What gives anybody the right to deny that to them. They are good citizens that follow the law and pay taxes and ask nothing in return but the liberty to walk outside without being though of as a criminal.
    When we as a country succeed in passing an immigration reform the illegal community will have a chance to prove how much we benefit the country. We will work and make money roll in the economy cycle which is so needed. We will purchase houses, cars and many more things which in return help other peoples income. This country needs us and we will not let our country down!!

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