RAID in Washington State: Call to ACTION!


Yesterday, the Obama administration decided against “change we can believe in” and, instead continued the Bush legacy. In Bellingham, Washington, an engine remanufacturing plant was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents. 28 undocumented workers were arrested.

“They arrived in force,” said Asiff Dhanani, a co-owner of the company at 2020 E. Bakerview Road. “They surrounded the whole perimeter.”

Most of the workers detained were taken off in handcuffs, Dhanani said, except for three women who apparently were processed and released because they had children in local schools or daycare centers. The 28 made up about one-third of the engine remanufacturing company’s production force.

After so many Latino and New American voters showed up at the polls to vote for Obama, after promises of changes to immigration policy and after countless recent reports that Bush-era immigration enforcement tactics are both financially and humanely costly, I CANNOT believe the administration is allowing this to happen.  In this time of economic hardship it is completely unacceptable for the Obama administration to be executing raids on our workers, businesses and communities- it is time for him to hear from us.

We must fight back against this first workside raid.  We must tell the Obama Administration:

Stop the Raids, Pass Just and Humane Immigration Reform

CALL the WHITE HOUSE NOW- 202-456-1414  and tell President Barack Obama:

  • The raid in Washington state is unacceptable, and hurts all of our communities.
  • He must stop the raids, and pass comprehensive immigration reform – NOW!.


FAX a letter to: 202-456-2461

7 responses to “RAID in Washington State: Call to ACTION!

  1. presbyqueerian

    this is ABSOLUTELY disheartening and unbelievable.

  2. Calling now… I can’t believe it.

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  4. Great that there is a investigation initiated into the raid by Napolitano, but what is being done to (at least) freeze deportation proceedings for the 25 who are in the Tacoma immigration prison??? Their families need them back home – here in Bellingham. We have terribly traumatized children who need their fathers back home. I know there are many attorneys who have offered their services – I am looking for any information as to movement geared toward the release of those jailed as a result of this inhumane raid. Anyone know?

  5. I am an American, having been born here but I am married to an immigrant and we have a daughter that was born outside of the US so neither have their citizenship. We filed all of the necessary paper work for both of their visas and have since filled for their permanent residency. So we have adhered to all of the laws and policies that have been put into place for them to be here legally. However, I find it very disturbing and troubling to find that there are those who are US citizens that think it is ok to keep illegal immigrants in this country. It takes not only toll not just on the economy but also the communities, schools, hospitals in which they reside. I know first hand of the cost and issues of getting visas and remaining here in this country,my wife and daughter are not from one of the G20 countries, unlike those who come here from Mexico. But in order for the entire US, not just few cities or states, to maintain the laws and governance within our boundaries these immigration laws must be followed. My wife and I would love to bring the rest of her family here but in order to do so we must follow the laws and policies. If not, this country will become the same as the country that they had just left, corrupt, proverty stricken, and lawless. If everyone who comes to this country thinks it is so great then they should follow the law so that America stays great.

    I say deport all illegals and fine all employers that hire illegals, there are plenty of legal immigrants here willing to work.

  6. gabriellanoel

    Dave I agree with you sentiments but the problem lies in a broken immigration system that played to dark racial impulses as oppossed to economic reality. A legalized path to citizenship will document and monitor who is in our country and who needs to be paying taxes. Most important it wil allow the US government to inforce labor laws. This will put Americans to work first because employers will not have a cheap way out. Economic factors will and always do govern the amount of immigrants that come into our country. An immigration policy that is based on racial impulses that make pathways to citizenship impossible has lead to border security problems and weakened our already failed healthcare system. Most dangerous was giveing employers accessability to a labor class that is not subject to the Protection to American labor laws. This cost Americans their jobs and lifestyle, not the immigrant. America is the only successful melting pot in the world. We should be proud of the fact that we are a nation of immigrants.

  7. Dave u are ignorant:; I am a legal resident that had to buy my citizenship…. Yet I feel for the immigrants…. If they could they would get papers they come here because your country forced them to… do your research… About nafta and the problems in Mexico that it caused that ur country emposed on them quit being igonarant and do not open ur yap unless u know what ur talking abot

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