ACTION: CAUSA Oregon’s Immigrant Day of Action


From our partners at CAUSA Oregon:

The day will provide information regarding Comprehensive Immigration Reform possibilities during the administration of President Obama; will discuss the impact of driver’s license restrictions, and information about  civil and legal rights. Among the presenters will be attorneys, State Representatives, State of Oregon employees and leaders from the immigrant rights movement.

DATE: Saturday, February 28, 2009

Place: Chemeketa Community College in Salem

4000 Lancaster Drive NE Building 2

Time: 10 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

5 responses to “ACTION: CAUSA Oregon’s Immigrant Day of Action

  1. “ — A federal jury found Tuesday that a southern Arizona rancher didn’t violate the civil rights of a group of illegal immigrants who claimed that he detained them at gunpoint in 2004. The eight-member civil jury also found Roger Barnett wasn’t liable on claims of battery and false imprisonment.” So convenient that you left this information out of YOUR article……what are you afraid of the people knowing, that illegal aliens do NOT have civil rights on someones private property?

  2. I’m Pro-immigrant but anti illegal immigration.
    Nuff said. I am sure the rancher would have been gracious to guests on his property but definitely has the right to defend against the uninvited whomever they may be.

  3. Minute_Man_Pete

    Most of the land Barnett ranches on is state land or federal and leased to the mean-spirited rancher. Barnett’s 22,000-acre ranch, about five miles north of the Mexican border, includes private and federal lease holdings in addition to nearly 14,000 acres of state-leased land.

    I, too, own the land where this xenophobe hunts the undocumented. Can I evict the racist jerk?

    Barnett has lost a civil case at the tune of $100,000 judgment when he and his xenophobic posse stopped, at gun-point, American-Latinos who were legally on his leased federal land. All Latinos are illegal to his racist eyes.

    The jury did not rule on whether the undocumented immigrants (that term makes your xenophobic blood boil) have civil rights. It rules that their civil rights were not violated in this specific case.

    Barnett was not protecting his land. He goes out of his way to encounter the undocumented immigrants. In 2006, Barnett estimated that he had detained more than 10,000 illegal immigrants in 10 years. This man’s hobby is hunting the undocumented.

  4. MALDEF was seeking 32 Million dollars and got 78 thousand dollars sure does not look like a clear victory to me.

  5. This is a great effort, ignore the haters – democracy, equal protection under the law, and human rights will win in the end!

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