Why Congress Should Pass Immigration Reform This Year

74170262DM014_Immigrant_GroAs I have mentioned before, without Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Congress will continue to battle out the immigration issue with every bill that hits the floor. We’ve seen this recently with the SCHIP battle and the Stimulus bill – and it won’t stop soon, unless Comprehensive Reform is passed. Simon Rosenberg, from NDN just posted about this on the organization’s blog – and announced a Forum on the topic this Thursday, Feb. 19th.

…the proxy wars in Congress and in the states will continue. There is simply no way to duck this one, wish it away. Inaction is not an option any longer. By the fall, the pressure on lawmakers and the President to address a very visible national problem, and the fatigue of battling this out in proxy war after proxy war, will create a climate in which progress on this tough issue I think will be more than possible.

To talk more about this compelling national challenge, come join NDN next Thursday, February 19, for a forum, Making the Case: Why Congress Should Pass Immigration Reform This Year. For those not in DC, we will be Web casting it live and recording it for future review. Stay tuned to this blog for more information about both.

I will be tuning into the webcast this Thursday and others should join in too. This is a top tier issue for our current Congress and we must continue to push for reform at the Federal level. Without it, we will be fighting too many of these proxy wars and will see law makers bogged down in this issue time and time again.

5 responses to “Why Congress Should Pass Immigration Reform This Year

  1. how stupid! pray tell, why do we need immigration reform when unemployment is 10% americans are out of job and counting! these illegals are all receiving food stamps, wic, medicaid, government housing, we educate all their 5 illegal children. please tell me how this is going to help the economy ! these people come here poor, uneducated and continue to be the working poor they will be on benefits for the rest of their lives. they come here and the first thing they do is drop an anchor child to qualify for beneftis. we need to stop automatic citizenship! no se puede!

  2. JVILLA,

    Stupid is the one who will have to grow and pick his own vegetables, clean his own toilets, pick up his own trash and clean the streets & public areas. Every human being on earth is here to serve a purpose just like you and me.

    Considering the fact that you are ranting about 10% unemployment, are you willing to pay more for your groceries and others comodities ? Probably not.

    You are ranting about them taking our jobs. Contradicting yourself by saying that they are uneducated, so can you please explain, how are these uneducated aliens getting American’s jobs ? That means many Americans aren’t very educated either. How come employers are prefering illegals to Americans ? There has got to be some truth right….and just admit it…. we are plain LAZY. 36 Hours a week and long weekend holidays every 3 weeks do not make a country.

    As much as I do not support anyone breaking any law, the Immigration law, has been broken like approximately 12 million times already. So do you sleep over it rather than try and fix it ?

    Considering legalizing them will increase tax revenue, make them spend more here on themselves rather than send money back home and finally since they are already availing of free medical aid and other benifits, why shouldn’t they have to pay income taxes ?

    Now those Illegal aliens with criminal records / backgrounds should be sent home.

    Jvilla, finally we are talking approximately 5% of the population and this is a big number if you think you can send them all back home. The whole country will colapse and food prices will shoot up so high that you would not afford to buy any. Public places, streets and sewers will not be maintained and this will look like some third world country.

  3. The Mexicans Houston have a low skill level and are dangerous to work around and 75% do not speak English.Companies do not care about us who have to deal with it at a jobsite.It’s always someone elses problem and get it done now is the attitude.You try to get a job in Houston and we’ll see what you think.Americans are not lazy.

  4. Neither Americans are lazy nor the the illegal immigrants are eating up the jobs. Legals should get. Infact this economic crisis is taking its toll on everyone. Were there no illegals in US before this past decade? Dont say that they are uneducated and came poor and staying poor and totally depending upon the prorams which are designed to help legal Americans. How many legal Americans are high school dropouts, How many criminals are here who are legal. It is a plain and simple fact that America loves legal criminals but hate illegal hard workers. Why there was not the problem of unemployment before? Why the prices werre not going high on all the basic commodities including gas? The matter of fact that te failures of our leaders to act promptly and stop our president from doing whatever he wanted. Now we are spending billions of dollars everyday for supporting the meaningless war. So, please stop blaming the people wheather legal or illegal and try to find the right solutions for the problem we are facing right now?

  5. I hope that everyone who is an ally of immigrants and sees the negative and hateful comments posted realize that there is no lack for people speaking out AGAINST fair and humane immigration reform that will be good for people, families, our communities and our country.

    Every voice is needed to promote positive immigration reform that gives a reasonable path for citizenship, as well as the DREAM Act as soon as possible. Speak up…enough reasonable voices can be heard through even the most hateful speech.

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