Report Makes Clear the Dysfunction of DHS

dhsYesterday, the New York Times featured a report recently released by the Migration Policy Institute. The report finds that the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration policy is, well, broken. (Tell us something we don’t know!)

An immigration policy group said Wednesday that the Department of Homeland Security’s immigration mission has been undermined by wasteful spending along the southern border, law enforcement efforts that focused on snaring illegal workers rather than high-risk criminals, and an often hostile bureaucracy that discourages people eligible for legal entry from playing by the rules.

The report also discusses 36 steps that President Obama can take to improve immigration policy, without enacting legslation.  While things like Presidential directives, such as stopping raids on workplaces and homes, would be a welcome change in policy, they should only serve as interim measures until fully Comphrehensive Reform is reached. As Paco Fabian at America’s Voice posted today,

To not do so would mean taking a portrait of dysfunction and turning it into a legacy.

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