Breaking News: House Judiciary Committee Calls for Investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

arpaio-march-22Today, the House Judiciary Committe released a letter to Janet Napolitano and the Attorney General, calling on the Department of Justice to investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.  And I couldn’t be happier.

Last week, Sheriff “Arpayaso” reached a new low, when he paraded over 200 immigrant detainees to a “tent city”, surrounded by electric fences, shackled and forced to wear striped prison uniforms. This move, a horrofic publicity stunt that used people as props, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sheriff Joe’s Human Rights and Civil Rights abuses.

It is high time that this maniac be held accountable for his actions. As Frank Sharry of America’s Voice wrote today on the Huffington Post:

Arpaio is a modern day Bull Connor and his publicity-seeking crusades have made the Latino community scared and Maricopa County less safe by prioritizing racial profiling over executing the felony warrants that have piled up on his desk. His most recent scheme, rounding up immigrants and shipping them off to separate “tent cities,” is just the latest in a career filled with dangerous and anti-Latino demagoguery.

It is also great news to hear that the Judiciary Committee is recommending an investigation of the 287(g) agreement between DHS and Maricopa County – it is this agreement that gives Arpaio the ability to enforce Federal immigration law, but not “to create mini Gitmos”.

The letter was sent from the office of Rep. John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and stated:

“Racial profiling and segregation are simply not acceptable.” said Conyers. “Media stunts and braggadocio are no substitute for fair and effective law enforcement.”

Arpaio must be stopped, before his brand of hate is normalized and becomes an acceptable form of “law enforcement”. He is not just an isolated rogue, but rather the pulse of the racist anti-immigrant movement that is working to dehumanize immigrants and strip them of their rights.

For more on this, check out and sign onto the petition from America’s Voice.

9 responses to “Breaking News: House Judiciary Committee Calls for Investigation of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

  1. As we all know illegal aliens are not immigrants and they do not have the right to be in this country, to have a job here or be allowed to have housing. If the federal government had not been so lax in terms of enforcing our immigration laws, responsible people like Arpaio would not be as actively involved. There are going to be more raids and prosecutions since 85% of the American people are fed up with illegal immigration. Mexico does not tolerate illegal immigration so why should we?

  2. I support Sheriff Joe. The nation is fed up with illegals. Get used to it.

  3. I don’t agree with the actions taken in this certain article …

    we need to look upon this current situation with the understanding of what is really at stake here.
    There is a multitude of problems that are directly birthed from the problem known as illegal immigration.That the past administration or current one have or will face.We need to stand behind those individuals, in law enforcement .

    Who are risking not only there jobs but reputations. In reference to ACLU and the less informed public at large.When they do what they can to protect there people.

    The major media as a whole are the ones most responsible.For the lack of true reporting in my researched opinion.

    Not everyone out here are asleep at the wheel called life out here.

    I fully support all those who wear a badge and are pushing actively against this current threat.

    All who oppose, do a search on John Doe arrest warrants that give the description that leads to illegal alien…

    wake up America !

    Oh ya but my favorite is Sheriff Jones of the Great state of Ohio 🙂

  4. midst a deep economic recession and a growing climate of fear and alienation within immigrant communities, many states, cities and counties that “plunged into the immigration debate” are repealing and/or modifying their hard-line immigration legislation. It’s about time Arpaio stop desperately clinging to his costly and ineffective policies that are leaving Maricopa County virtually bankrupt. Sheriff Arpaio’s newest media extravaganza at the expense of immigrants certainly won’t do anything to stop undocumented immigration or to reduce serious crime in his community. But it may help drum up even more publicity for Arpaio himself and further endear him to anti-immigrant activists. The comments above are further evidence that maybe that is what this is all about.

  5. Enough with the scapegoating! Please realize that what Sheriff Arpaio is doing in no way represents mainstream law enforcement. It is the bald abuse of human rights. This is why the Senate Judiciary has recommended he be investigated. He’s no hero. He is just another egomaniac hungry for the spotlight .

  6. Sheriff Joe MUST GO !!!!

  7. If you dont want him, send him to New Zealand. We would love to have a Minister of Justice who upholds the law. These illegals are are breaking the law, why do you reward them. We have people in this country that cannot afford food, heating, etc, so why should our prisoners get treated better than them. Like he said, dont do the crime, you will not have to do the time

  8. Sheriff Joe, had the right idea, Americans are putting up with the impact of illegal immigration, because of silly American politicians,and their stupid beliefs, who are trying to change America, their way, illegal aliens get VIP in America, regardless of their legal status, they get praised for all their wrongdoings in America, it seemed to be winning them a path to citizenship, by our Presidents, and congress. These very same people have harmed their own American citizens by allowing illegal aliens to have their way in America, by pushing all their excuses, strategies, and loopholes, schemes and scams, they have terribly gotten in the private sector of American citizens social security numbers, they had found ways to leave Americans citizens so voiceless of what they do in America.

    Just because Americans do not like how they push themselves on them with all their illegal statuses, and just jump them selves in the front of the line of the American poor and middle class, and there are no way Americans can ever be in the front of the line to their own employment, social services, hospitals, low income housing sec 8 programs, toys for tots, WIC programs, our schools and colleges, and to make all of this alright Obama and democrats our lawmakers want to give 12-40 million or more of them a stupid path to citizenship, or amnesty, and they are doing this so blindly not thinking how all this will be a terrible disaster to our country America!!

    They are ignoring how a comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship will actually harm the America citizens, just as it is now, it will not make America better, and because there are one race of people coming from Mexico, this path to citizenship just might cause a racial war. a path to citizenship is not the only solution that will bring illegal aliens out of the shadows, law enforcement will.

    Illegal immigrants have come to America and have actually taken over America, on their illegal statuses, this it self have tarnished the American citizens status, because in the eyes of our own politicians our American status doesn’t mean anything any more, why should it when their are illegal aliens who illegal status are equal to the American legal status.

    Just because American express their feelings about the wrongdoings of illegal immigrants in America does not mean that they are racist!
    It is those people who come here illegally pushing to become the over populated race in America, who are building their own personal colony for their own race of people, who are the one’s who are racist, it is all about their people in America!! Our fore fathers are turning over in their graves, knowing that our own American politicians are giving America to Mexico, over their American citizens heads, it is a shame that every where you go now, The majority of the Hispanic race legal and illegal are employed while millions of American citizens are unemployed.

    Obama, and congress just simply ignore the fact that there is a big discrimination going on in our employment, many of our employers are hiring more Hispanics then any other cultural people in America, they just ignore the fact that there are not really any diversity in our American employment, any more, especially California!!!!

    Americans are not allow to say anything about the diver stating racist in our employment system that we are so force to put up with, now “it’s we cannot deport them all” so why not just give them what they want!

    Our fore fathers are also turning over in their graves, knowing how our politicians allow illegal aliens to abuse our birthright laws in America, just using it to make millions of their children American citizens, for their personal tickets, tokens, and anchors to keep them selves from deportations, and to know that illegal aliens do not really care about American citizens,they are just about themselves!!

    Americans are so tired of being spit and walked all over by illegal aliens in their own country, and they are so tired of our own politicians allowing illegal aliens to do what they do in America, Americans are so sick of our double standard laws when it comes to illegal aliens, they are not to abide our laws but Americans are to abide our laws, American constitution our laws, rules, regulations should not be allow to change for another country of people, rather they are from Mexico or any other country! No other country would allow this kind of behavior by illegal aliens forcing themselves in their country, their wrongdoings would not be allowed. This is what Sheriff Joe was trying to do, he was trying to stop all illegal aliens nonsense in his state!! which is a good thing, i knew it was in the matter of time some one would find a way to stop him, actually more people of authority should do what he is doing, it would save America!!

    Americans want people to come here legally, and within limitations, not the whole damn country! America cannot not afford this, especially when it is going to effect the American citizens.

  9. basile gianni

    i been torured in 4th avenue jail for 18 month joe arpaio is a criminal working for the justice whit a real mental problems im glad to be out of america becous american act lik terroris in there prison i gues is ok in america to comited crime on the name of justice and tek all is human rihg a way to all my ambasady fuck you joe arpaio you are a real criminal no me!

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