ICE Racial Profiling: Caught on Tape!

Our partners at CASA de Maryland recently filed claims against ICE for violatiosn during a raid at a day laborer hiring site in Baltimore in 2007.  Many of us have heard a lot about ICE’s racially profiling practices, but this time they were literally caught on tape.  Below is a very clear 4-angle, full color 7-11 closed circuit camera caught all the action.  Last week, CASA officially released the video and announced the filing of Federal Tort Claim Act claims for wrongful arrest (among other things) on behalf of three of the raid victims. Let’s hope ICE is finally starting to be held accountable! And Congrats to CASA!

2 responses to “ICE Racial Profiling: Caught on Tape!

  1. Legal Citizen

    I commend ICE for finaly doing something about the illegal imigration problem in Baltimore. Why are only 3 Latinos out of the group suing ICE? Because they are here ILLEGALY!!! There are guidelines to follow to become a legal resident in this country. If you do not follow these guidelines, you are breaking the laws that have made this country what it is today. Don’t break the laws and you won’t get arrested. Who coined the term “Day Laborors” anyway? The truth is the majority of the so called “Day Laborors” in that area are illegal imigrants that UNLAWFULLY snuck into this country.
    I don’t hate Latinos. I hold utmost respect for all those who have the desire and fortitude to become part of our great nation. LEGALLY. What I don’t have is tollerance for organizations (CASA) that knowingly harbor and aid those here unlawfully. Shame on you for your illegal actions here and your ties with the anti-American dictator Hugo Chavez.

  2. Maryland Resident

    I am not someone that follows the news regularly because it is to depressing however someone asked me to read this and I have to say that this is completely and totally outrageous! ICE is a government agency that tax payers PAY to do their job and if you ask me that is exactly what they did on that day. If you watch the video you will see that no one was harassed, pushed around or treated inhumanly. They did exactly what they are supposed to do.

    Racial profiling….is it racial profiling when a Caucasian person gets pulled over in an “inappropriate neighborhood” because they are lost? Or is it considered racism when a caucasian person is passed over for a job because of Affirmative Action?
    We expect and demand the agency’s that we fund with our hard earned tax dollars to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. It’s a fact that ,at the moment, the most likely person to wage a violent terrorist attack against the USA would be of Middle Eastern decent, male, 20 some years old. Its a fact that,at the moment,the most likely person to migrate illegally into the USA is of Hispanic decent, male, 20 some years old. It’s a fact,at the moment, the most likely person to be a serial killer in the USA is of Caucasian desent,male,20 some years old.
    Knowing these facts through credible intelligence gathered by the agency’s we fund to know these things and not acting on this information is just ignorant and foolish. No one wants to be profiled. However, it must happen and does happen in order to accomplish your objective efficiently. The argument you make here is quite pathetic. How many of the “Day Laborer” that are profiled here were found to be here unlawfully? How about next time someone commits a violent crime in your neighborhood and was described as a green, male and 20 some years old the authorities don’t question or detain any green 20 something males because it is racial profiling. Get real.

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