ACTION: Tell your Senator that the Stimulus must Address INEQUALITY

Below is a video produced by my colleague, Dennis Chin and starring another colleague Jackie Jaiman. As we all know, the Stimulus Package passed the House yesterday, but must now hit the Senate floor. It is up to YOU to make sure that equality and inclusion for IMMIGRANTS, people of color, women and poor people are all a part of the final bill.

We’ve already seen members of the House try to include E-verify in the stimulus bill – lets make sure we keep fighting back and send a resounding message that we want an Economy that works for EVERYONE.

Click here to send an email to your Senator asking them to make sure the Stimulus Package reaches everyone.

And Click here to call your Representatives and tell them you do NOT want E-verify included in the bill.

2 responses to “ACTION: Tell your Senator that the Stimulus must Address INEQUALITY

  1. Why not look out for the hard working Americans – live by the rules, work hard and get rewarded vs. supporting the uneducated who want another recession. Read about the depression in 1920 and then get the government involved – read about the GREAT Depression of 1930

  2. Americans do NOT want to support illegals, especially in this economy. E-Verify is crucial for the American People!

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