TIRRC and Nashville Defeat English-Only Bill

nashvilleLast Thursday the city of Nashville, TN celebrated a well-earned victory. An English-only initiative was proposed in order to mandate that all official government business in Nashville be conducted in English. A surprisinly large and diverse group of advocates, volunteers, faith leaders, business leaders and citizens rallied to defeat the proposal, in what has been called “the strongetst, most diverse coalition” in the city’s history.

Our partners at TIRRC (the Tennesse Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition) helped lead the effort.

I am proud to have been part of such a potitive movement in a city where differences are embraced…Nashville welcomes those who want to enrich their quality of life and be a part of a city that is filled with great history – Joseph Guerrier, TIRRC leader.

Congratulations to folks in Nashville! Lets hope to see more defeats of proposals like these in the coming months!

Below is more coverage of the victory:

Brown Can Stick Around in Nashville – Border Lines blog

Nashville Rejects Hard-line English Ordinance – America’s Voice Online

One response to “TIRRC and Nashville Defeat English-Only Bill

  1. I still cant believe all that happened with the English only thing here in Nashville. Its seems common sense that English would be the spoken language in America but at the same time think its not right to make it a law.

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