Community Groups Begin Weekly Visits to Congress

capitol-building-pictureThe Campaign for Community Values, a coalition of community groups from around the country, will be bringing the voices of communities directly to Congress in the First 100 Days of the Obama administration.

On Tuesday, January 27, and every Tuesday for the next 14 weeks, ten community organizations from across the country will converge on Washington to advance an ambitious plan to rebuild the economy in a way that works for us all and push for just and humane immigration reform.

Nearly 100 community organizations representing 38 states will send local leaders to participate in this unprecedented, relentless advocacy push to unite our communities and help all workers.

This is such an exciting time to be in Washington DC and we will make sure that Obama delivers on his promise to return the government to the people. Communities will be represented in our policies thanks to the relentless efforts of community leaders and organizers like the members of the Campaign for Community Values. We will be sure to give frequent updates of theses visits to Congress as they occur.

2 responses to “Community Groups Begin Weekly Visits to Congress

  1. Instead of hiding behind the skirts of “religion,” “social justice,” and “civil rights”, why don’t you just be honest and admit you want open borders and you want every illegal alien to be given amnesty.

    Your hypocrisy is not very becoming.

  2. Shurly – why don’t you be honest and admit
    that you’re just a small minded BIGOT w/o the slightest notion of what it means to live in a democracy founded on principles of life and liberty for all human beings.

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