UPDATE: Postville CEO Granted New Bail Hearing

sholom-rubashkin1The legal battle after May’s ICE raid in Postville, Iowa rages on. Last week, Sholom Rubashkin was granted a new bail hearing. From the AP:

Along with the federal charges against Rubashkin, Agriprocessors and top managers have been accused of violating state and federal laws dealing with child labor, wage requirements and safety rules. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection.

If convicted, Rubashkin faces up to 30 years in prison and a minimum fine of $1 million on each of the bank fraud counts, the most serious of the charges.

His defense attorneys are trying to convince the judge that he is not a flight risk. At least its good to see the top guys in a company be prosecuted, and not just the hard-working people caught up in a broken system.

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