Inauguration Day Open Thread

Well, folks, we officially have a new President in the White House. Today, millions of people gathered on the National Mall, from the Capitol to the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, to welcome Barack Obama to Washington.

It was an incredible day. Despite the huge crowds and biting cold, the excitement was electrifying.


Obama’s inauguration address spoke of a country that ensures freedom for all and about the values and core principles upon which America was founded. Now, its our time to make sure that the same freedom and the same values include the immigrants of America. Tomorrow will mark a New Day for Immigration in America. Members of CASA de Maryland and the National Capital Immigrant Coalition are still hitting the streets of Washington, in preparation for our day of ACTION.


Help support immigrants in the new administration. DONATE to the cause. TAKE action. TEXT “justice” [justicia for spanish] to 69866.

A New Day for Immigration is dawning. Can we count on you to be there?

4 responses to “Inauguration Day Open Thread

  1. It’s amazing how many people were streaming this and posting live pictures on blogs. Made it easier for me to follow up here in Portland through my wireless internet connection. I was able to see everything almost live this morning. Pretty cool.

  2. Given the challenges Obama faces – unemployment, cutting carbon emissions and reducing our dependence on foreign oil – it may be a good time to dramatically scale back immigration, both legal and illegal. Right now the last thing we need is to import more workers, more carbon emitters and more oil consumers.

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