Inauguration Open Thread Part. 1

All over Washington, DC people are gathering to prepare for Barack Obama’s historic inauguration. We are asking folks who are in the nation’s capital to leave comments about their inauguration weekend experience and we’ll be documenting all of the action here at Standing FIRM.

So far, immigrant rights activists from across the country have been arriving in DC, ready to celebrate a New Day for Immigration in America .


Advocates from CASA de Maryland and the National Capital Immigrant Coalition have been canvassing DC to share our message with the world: “Reform not raids, today is a new day for immigration”. This is a photo of posters that we are putting up in businesses around DC- encouraging folks to take action by visiting or texting JUSTICE [justicia for spanish] to 69866. I saw a lot of these posters as I made my way through the city from the We Are One concert yesterday and they are beautiful.


These are some of our AWESOME volunteers that took at 14 hour bus ride from Chicago to be at the inauguration. tomorrow they will be at the inauguration, and then taking their message to the streets- reform not raids. They will be in the community tomorrow giving out fliers and encouraging votes to tell Obama that we need immigration reform in this new administration!


We will be sure to keep you posted on our inaugural activities all over the city, leading up to our ACTION on January 21st. Be sure to check back and please comment and let us know about YOUR inauguration experience!

9 responses to “Inauguration Open Thread Part. 1

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  2. I am ashamed to call myself and American today. The treatment of our departing President was shameful. I was hoping our new President would step out and say something but he apparently lacked the courage and has little respect for the office.

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