State and Local Round-up

CO: Colorado immigration panel urges leverage for copsThe bulk of the recommendations puts much of the onus for enforcement on the federal government and pleads for Congress to address the issue. Several recommendations call for more funding to help local law enforcement agencies deal with the problem.


NV:  28 inmates deported under new partnership – Immigration officials deported 28 foreign-born Clark County jail inmates during the first month of a new partnership with the Metropolitan Police Department.

AZ: Immigration enforcement faces budget cutsState lawmakers will consider whether to continue spending tens of millions of dollars a year to arrest illegal immigrants when the legislative session begins next week with Arizona’s government in a $3 billion hole.

TX: Texas lawmakers revive push for new immigration laws – Some state lawmakers want to revive immigration discussions by proposing more than a dozen bills that among other things would punish employers for hiring unauthorized workers, challenge the U.S. citizenship of immigrants’ U.S-born children and reverse a Texas law that allows undocumented college students to pay in-state tuition.

NJ: NJ may consider driving privileges for immigrants – A panel advising Governor Jon Corzine on immigrant issues is considering recommending the state allow undocumented immigrants “driver privilege cards” and in-state college tuition rates.

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