Bush’s Midnight Attack on Farmworker’s

A post by Farmworker Justice has been making the rounds on the blogosphere this week. Apparently the Bush administration is making last minute changes at the Department of Labor that will set migrant farmworkers back to the Bracero era.


These will be the most far-reaching changes in the laws regulating agricultural guestworker programs since 1942.  They will return us to an era of agricultural labor exploitation that many thought ended decades ago.

The changes cut wage rates and wage protections for both domestic and foreign workers, minimize recruitment obligations inside the U.S. and curtail or eliminate much of the government oversight that is supposed to deter and remedy illegal employer conduct. 

It comes as no shock that while this administration has LOUDLY been proclaiming the “successes” of worksite raids, they are quietly undercutting wages and workers’ rights.

For more, here’s a round-up of coverage:

Nezua at the Unapologetic Mexican discusses the changes

Latina Lista sums it up nicely with a post titled:  Bush Administration now bails out agricultural industry with changes to guestworker program that creates a government sanctioned slave market

Bush’s Parting Gift: Working againstMigrant Farmworkers

America’s Voice Discusses Why Now, more than ever, is not the time for these types of changes.

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