RAID in Indiana

Earlier today, the BP Whiting Oil refinery in Northwest Indiana was raided by Immigration and Customs Enforecement agents.

Eleven suspected unauthorized immigrants were arrested and charged with administrative immigration charges.


ICE has said that the raid was especially important because it was an example of anauthorized immigrants working in areas of concern for terrorist attacks; namely one of the country’s largest oil refineries.

“While there is no reason to believe that these individuals had ill intent against our country, their illegal status represents a significant vulnerability in our national security. ICE will continue to partner with critical infrastructure facilities and ensure they have a legal workforce.”

But that’s JUST IT – these people posed no serious threat to our national security. And yet, ICE is diverting tons of resources into the symbolic arrest of 11 women and  4 men, who are working hard to make ends meet. They are tearing apart communities, all the while claiming they are making our country safer. Safer for whom? Certainly not for the scores of families separated by these policies.

Its time for a sensible approach to our immigration system. One that doesn’t compromise our values in order to look as though we are “doing something”.

4 responses to “RAID in Indiana

  1. i feel that this is very wrong because that is my uncle that yall took and he has a loving family and take very good care and thing that is not right so i feel that yall should leave mario lunza alone

  2. They were here illegally end of story. California spent over 40 million dollars (or was it 400 million) on food stamps and welfare for it’s illegal alien community in 2008. Yet it is billions of dollars in debt and has delayed paying unemployment compensation to it’s thousands of unemployed legal citizens. Illegals are just that illegals that have no rights here nor do most Americans want illegals flooding into our country. The immense outcry from citizens all over this country stop the last Immigration Reform bill (amnesty bill) so that shows what the majority of Americans want.

  3. Jmes this comment is for you jsmes i think mexican people are really hard workers theres areason they come to america to live the american dream

  4. Jmes this comment is for you jsmes i think mexican people are really hard workers theres areason they come to america to live the american dream Jmes we need mexicans to pay our taxes and work at some places that american citizens dont want to do because the thuth some anericans are lazy

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