ACTION: International Migrants Day, December 18th

nnirrposterFrom the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights comes a CALL TO ACTION for International Migrants Day (December 18th).

In 2000 the United Nations proclaimed December 18 as International Migrants Day. Since 2001, in solidarity with other migrant rights organizations around the world, NNIRR has commemorated this day with members and allies. Each year we assist growing numbers of local events and initiatives with widely-endorsed call-to-actions, educational and organizing materials, and commemorative posters and t-shirts.

December 18th is a day to support Immigrants Rights worldwide. You can find information on international events here and here. In the United States, this is an opportunity for your communities and organizations to call on the incoming administration to stop the raids, until just and humane immigration reform can be passed.


We encourage these activities and messages as a launch pad to press the new Administration and Congress to implement humanitarian policies and practices — to decriminalize immigration status and protect the rights of all workers. We must continue to demand a fair and just immigration policy that is “de-linked” from national security, and which includes the demilitarization of our borders.

For more information, or if you would like to organize an event or acitivity, visit the NNIRR website.

One response to “ACTION: International Migrants Day, December 18th

  1. Hi!
    About IMD 2008 I’d like to invite you to visit and join the Radio 1812, a global radio event organised by December 18, which brings together radios from around the world to produce, broadcast and share at leastone programme on migration to celebrate UN’s International Migrants Day
    (18th December). For more information: and
    Thank you!

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