Realizing the Promise Coverage Round-up

Hey guys! I’m back on the blog after a few days away. I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous live-blogging of the Realizing the Promise forum this past thursday. A BIG shout-out to Will Coley for his great work!


The event itself was amazing. So many people, so much energy and a palpable sense that we WILL ENSURE that the change we want becomes a reality.

Below is a round up of the articles and live-blogs of the event.

Also, below are a few excerpts of the article from the Nation.

I was at the event yesterday and I have to say it’s the most excited I’ve felt about the future of the Obama administration since election night. “Today community organizing has arrived in Washington DC,” said CCC’s Deepak Bhargava. “This is the biggest opportunity in 40 years. We now have a community organizer in Chief in the White House…We can’t settle anymore for just complaining about what we don’t like. We’re planning on working in partnership with key allies not just to oppose, but to propose.”

What was remarkable to me was that there really has been a convergence between what the grassroots is calling for: massive jobs stimulus, universal health care, comprehensive immigration reform, and what are quickly becoming consensus, even Establishment, views on the Democratic coalition.

Policy-making from the ground-up. If they pull that off, it would be revolutionary. Barnes continued, sketching out some hints as to the Obama agenda.

And we are here to make sure that immigration is included on that agenda. We are off to a great start, but now we have our work cut out for us.

One response to “Realizing the Promise Coverage Round-up

  1. Donald Bahlinger

    great job firm. its all very exciting and offers lots of hope for a better future.

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