“Go get it did”: Realizing the Promise

After Rev. Timothy McDonald charged us to “go get it did”, everyone is slowly making their way to the buses outside.

Since I was tasked with covering this event from an immigration angle, it’s interesting how the topic was often listed as one of the challenges facing American communities. Many speakers mentioned immigrant rights alongside access to health care, economic opportunity, the worsening economy, etc. When I did some video interviews before the event, I noticed how many participants, even US citizens with no recent immigrants in their families, saw the issue much the same way: as one of many challenges to address. And maybe that’s the point: as a “community value”, immigration is central to what the United States is about. Now if we can just tackle how to overhaul our current system and make it work for all of us…

What an inspiring event! and maybe a little the daunting because of all the  work we have ahead us. (Whew!)

Get fired up!

– Will Coley, guest blogger, signing off (and rolling up my sleeves)

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