Realizing the Promise: TODAY is the Day, Let’s Make some History


TODAY, December 4th, over 1500 grassroots leaders will gather in DC to talk directly with members of Congress and Obama’s transition team, to help shape the agenda for the new administration. “Realizing the Promise: A Forum on Community, Faith and Democracy” will mark the first large-scale progessive event since last month’s historic elections. No longer are our communities on the outside looking in at the powerful decision-makers: we have become the decision-makers.

And YOU CAN BE A PART OF IT! Watch the LIVE WEBCAST TODAY from 3PM to 6PM at and check out the LIVE-BLOG.

Community members, REAL PEOPLE, will be sharing open dialogue with people as powerful as Valerie Jarett, who aims to be on of the 3 to 5 people IN THE ROOM WITH OBAMA when major policy decisions are made, AND Representative Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), who is the 3rd most powerful Congressman in the House. This is our time to be heard, this is our time to make sure that the agenda for the next administration is the agenda OF THE PEOPLE.

luisgutierrezwebAnd IMMIGRATION is sure to be on that agenda. Prior to the Forum, there will be a press conference on the Hill, where Rep. Luis Gutierrez will push immigration to the forefront of the country’s political landscape, and ask the new Congress and new Administration for an immediate moratorium on the raids and a renewed effort for comprehensive immigration reform. In the afternoon, Rep. Gutierrez will join “Realizing the Promise” to engage in more dialogue around these demands.

This is truly a historic moment in our Nation’s history and YOU can be a part of it. TODAY, visit from 3PM to 6PM to watch the entire event LIVE on our WEBCAST. We will be live-blogging the event here at Standing FIRM, so be sure to check back for that too.

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