A New Look at Asian Immigrants

While I have talked a lot about Latino immigrants and their close ties to immigration issues, there hasn’t been much out there on other immigrants and their stance on the issue. With that in mind, the University of Massachusetts at Boston’s Institute for Asian American Studies released a new report on Asian Immigrants and their attitudes and ideas on immigration. From the Boston Globe:

“There’s been a lot of attention paid to immigration rights and policy,” said the institute’s director, Paul Watanabe, at the survey’s unveiling last month. “But the fact is, there is virtually no [statistical data] based upon Asian immigrants and the Asian community.”

The institute’s study, “Interest and Action: Findings from a Survey of Asian American Attitudes on Immigrants, Immigration, and Activism,” found that 80 percent of the 412 Asian-Americans surveyed pay either a great deal of attention or some attention to immigration issues.


We should remember that many Asian Americans were among the “New American Voters” who helped to elect Barack Obama this November – and they too have a stake in the immigration debate. It seems this issue will only become more and more relevant as we approach January’s inauguration.

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