New Border Policy Report Brings together Unique Coalition

The U.S.-Mexico Border and Immigration Taskforce held a summit in Washington, DC yesterday. At the summit, the task force released their latest report titled “Effective Border Policy: Security, Responsibility and Human Rights.


The great thing about this task force is that it is bringing together all stakeholders in the formation and articulation of immigration policy – from border community members, to local law enforcement, faith leaders, local elected officials, businesses and, of course, immigrant advocacy groups. This is truly a multi-faceted coalition, representing a sensible and effective approach to border policy.

Latina Lista has a great post, detailing the recommendations made by the task force and lauding the group as a new and powerful approach to border policy.

Perhaps the most revolutionary recommendation to emerge from the task force, and one that is long overdue, is the fact that these leaders represent a new attitude in border community leaders who are tired of the disrespect, dismissal and expectation of Washington for these communities to roll over and comply with policies mandated from DC that directly impact their quality of life — social, business and binational relationships — without including them in the decision-making process.

The full report can be downloaded here, but below is an excerpt from the executive summary:

Our conclusions and policy recommendations start with the premise that the “border” is a dynamic concept, that border communities have important ties to both the United States and Mexico, and that these ties create a unique set of opportunities and challenges that affect both the border areas and the broader national interest. Recognizing that millions live and work in U.S. border communities, border and immigration policies must be formulated and implemented in a way that respects the rights of these community members and the needs of their hometowns and cities. When properly carried out, these policies can substantially improve security and safety in the border region and in the nation as a whole. 

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