SAVE THE DATE: You Should be Here on December 4th – Realizing the Promise


A Forum on Community, Faith & Democracy

What are you doing on December 4th between 3PM and 6PM? You should be watching the LIVE stream of the Realizing the Promise Forum, where more than 2,000 community leaders and organizers will come together in Washington, DC to speak directly to elected leaders about the shared agenda that we all must pursue to ensure that America finally works for everyone.

For those who tune into watch at (everyone should plan on it), you are invited to join an open discussion forum and submit questions to be posed directly to the panels during the event.


Realizing the Promise will be the key event of the season in which everyday Americans bring their shared agenda to Washington. Will you be there?


3 responses to “SAVE THE DATE: You Should be Here on December 4th – Realizing the Promise

  1. Вот. Человек всё правильно рассказал, а то остальные такого туману наводят!

  2. Marcia Riquelme

    Your timing is unfortunate about the mass Latino march on Jan 21. You will be slamming Obama before he has had a chance to begin. Looks bad. Better postpone the event and show you are gracious enough to give the new President time to set his administration in motion. He has been working overtime, even before his inauguration with an intensity never seen before so he can be responsive to the needs of us all. A march on the White House with only one day’s time after seeing in a new President is like slugging him before he makes an error. Please reconsider the timing of your event. Soy latina, muy preocupada por el bienestar de los inmigrantes, consciiente a las luchas y desafios que enfrentan. Digo que esperen, descansan por lo menos un mes antes que montar una Marcha.

  3. Hi Marcia, I’m not sure that you understand the tone of the march we are planning for January 21st. It is not going to be a rally to critique Obama, but rather a celebration of a “New Day for Immigrants”. We will be marching not to the White House, but to the Capitol. Yes we will be calling for things like a moratorium on raids, but we will also be celebrating what we see as a bright future for immigrants’ rights. This positive energy will be extremely timely and will show the incoming administration that we are all behind him in making the right choice on this issue.

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