Election Day, Grassroots Style

So, there is this little thing happening tomorrow called the ELECTION – don’t know if you’ve heard about it or not….

I will be helping to staff the “Community Values Vote” Election Day blog. You (and everyone you know) should check it out for updates and grassroots news from the ground on E-day.

 Too often, elections are reported by gray-haired pundits behind television news desks. This election is different. Over the last year, we’ve seen unprecedented people power behind this election — the culmination of years of grassroots organizing combined with new energy and new voters. So this November 4th, we’ll be reporting on the election from their perspective, from the grassroots up.

We will have stories, pictures, videos and first-hand reports from all across the country! These will be the stories of real people and real voters during this historical election. www.communitychange.org/vote

One response to “Election Day, Grassroots Style

  1. Learn what the real role of the campaign is considering elections are often predicted ‘long before the campaign gets started.’ Check this out

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