Last Night’s Presidential Debate Left Something to be Desired

And that something was immigration. Again, there was no question regarding immigration and no mention of the issue.

Yesterday, in South Carolina, ICE raided yet another factory – but John McCain and Barack Obama had no words for the more 300 people arrested or the community that was disrupted.

They did, however have something to say about healthcare, the economy, the bailout, the War in Iraq and our relations with Pakistan.

Many people criticized the “town hall” format of the debate. Personally, I found it distracting and I think that rather than giving the debate a more informal and personal feel, it caused confusion, odd camera angles and a loss of substantive answers from the candidates.

In the polls:

CBS undecided focus group goes 39%–27% in favor of Obama. However, in terms of minds changed, it was a split. 15% now support Obama, and 14% support McCain. So, the net effect is probably zilch. At this point, that is good for Obama.

CNN post-debate poll showed Obama winning 54%-30%. Also, Obama gains a net 8% in favorability, while McCain unchanged. So, it looks pretty good for Obama. We are three for three as a ticket so far.

But again, there no mainstream media is discussing the gaping hole that was left by no mention of immigration.  So far all I can find on it is this post at VivirLatino, which covered the last presidential debate and its lacked of what they call “the I word”.
Did any of you send questions in for the debate? If so, were any of them about immigration?

I would be interested to see how many questions they received on the topic that were then ignored.

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