Spotlight CIRC: Colorado Governor Signs in Support of Immigration Reform

On Thursday, September 25th, a group of Colorado interfaith leaders and immigrant rights advocates joined Governor Bill Ritter to sign an interfaith pledge on immigration.

One of FIRM’s partners, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) was there calling for Just and Humane Immigration Reform.

By signing this pledge people commit to stand for America’s finest ideals and core community values and publicly reject the politics of division and isolation that fan anger and hate against any person or community. I will work towards just, workable and humane immigration reform.

Governor Bill Ritter spoke of immigration as a priority for the next Presidential administration.

“I know that a lot of issues are cued up ” Ritter said at an interfaith rally on the steps of the Capitol. “Immigration has to be something that the federal government tackles in, I would think, the first year of the new administration.”

We commend Governor Ritter’s support on this vital issue and are proud of CIRC’s great work in Colorado. We must all stand together to demand just and humane immigration reform.


2 responses to “Spotlight CIRC: Colorado Governor Signs in Support of Immigration Reform

  1. I admit that I will need time to catch-up with all the research and information you have here at your site. It looks challenging, interesting, and definitely debatable.

    Insofar of today’s headline, I do have some confusion and hopefully confusion will lead to questions; therefore, I do have a question:

    Confusion: “Governor Bill Ritter to sign an interfaith pledge on immigration.”

    Why are we putting matters of church and state together? What is the significance of the political element joining in with whatever ‘interfaith’ means?

    I am a God-fearing Christian human being; however, whenever politics and religion end up in the same writing I, like so many others, begin to doubt the credibility of the source.

    Can you assist? Thanking you in advance I remain,

    jon paul

  2. Hi onemorecup,

    First of all, thanks for taking an interest!

    Now, to get to your questions. This isn’t a matter of putting “church and state” together, in fact its quite the opposite. The idea of an “interfaith” coalition means that these are leaders in the communities that represent a diverse number of faiths and viewpoints. Its not as though one specific “church” is combining with the power of the “state” in order to control things, rather its a diverse coalition of faiths and walks of life that are coming together to bring about the change they want to see.

    The reason they are “involving” themselves in politics is because they are leaders with power, who represent the beliefs and needs of their communities. By representing those diverse communities they can talk with lawmakers and officials in a way that truly speaks for these communities.

    You’ll notice that the organization I highlighted, CIRC, has no religious affilitaion, but has joined the coalition because they believe in Just and Humane Immigration Reform.

    You will also notice, if click on SIGN THE PLEDGE, that the groups involved in the pledge range from Catholic to Non-denomenational to Jewish to Muslim.

    American Friends Service Committee
    American Jewish Committee
    Anti-Defamation League
    Colorado Catholic Conference
    Colorado Council of Churches
    Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition
    Greater Denver Interfaith Alliance
    Greater Metro Denver Ministerial Alliance
    HIS Ministries
    H.S. Power & Light
    Interfaith Alliance of Colorado
    Northeast Denver Islamic Center

    Does that help to clear things up a bit?



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