$700 Billion Bailout + $400 Million Border Wall = You do the Math

With the country’s economy in a tailspin and an unprecented bailout for financial institutions being debated by lawmakers, the Department of Homeland Security quietly signed contracts to complete the border wall on Monday.

The border wall, which is over-budget and behind schedule, required $400 million extra in Congress-appropriated money to fund its completion. You heard me, $400 million EXTRA.

I think that Matthew at SmartBorders put it quite well:

As the Rio Grande Valley is moved one step closer to having a border wall slice through its communities, one wonders how the United States can justify begininning to spend $400 million on a border wall which is clearly unpopular when our banks are declaring bankruptcy, millions are foreclosing, the War drags on, and the dollar falls in relation to oil prices.  I pray these actions and these contracts are forestalled long enough for a new administration to realize the lack of logic in building a border wall while neglecting immigration reform and for the country to finally hear the cries of these border towns in the way.

We need to inject a healthy dose of common sense back into our law-making. We are all suffering from a lack of it at the top levels of government

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