ACTION: SIGN THE PETITION – Justice For Ana Romero!

Recently, in Franklin County, Kentucky, a woman named Ana Romero died while in jail, awaiting deportation to her home country of El Salvador.

Ana spent the last nine months in jail awaiting deportation back to El Salvador, back to see her two sons.

But Thursday, August 21st Blanca and Mario received a call saying Ana was dead after she was found in her jail cell, with a sheet wrapped around her neck.

Two and a half weeks later, there’s still no preliminary autopsy report from the Franklin county coroner and Blanca and Mario say no one’s telling them much of anything.

They also say Ana would never have committed suicide.

Now, family members, advocates and concerned individuals are circulating a petition to demand justice for Ana.

We demand justice and a transparent investigation into the circumstances surrounding Ana Romero’s death.

 We demand a full reporting of all the information learned, so that her family and loved ones can get an honest and complete explanation of how and why she died in the Franklin County jail and so they may have spiritual closure.

 We demand moral, decent, and humane treatment for all persons in jail, regardless of their legal status, national origin, skin color, or language.

 We demand the due process rights guaranteed in United States Constitution.

 Finally, we ask all public officials involved in this situation, from the federal government, to the Kentucky state government and all other state governments, to the county and city governments all over this land to implement a moratorium on the raids and deportations of immigrants until such time as we obtain a fair, humane, and comprehensive immigration reform that our country so badly needs.

 End the raids, end the injustice – SIGN THE PETITION!

One response to “ACTION: SIGN THE PETITION – Justice For Ana Romero!

  1. This is ridiculous how these immigrants are being treated…these our human beings that just want a better future for the children…Did they shackel the Bin Laden family when they escorted them out of the United States after 9/11 I think not….

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