Border Fence Over-budget and Behind Schedule

The construction of the proposed border fence along our nation’s Southwest border has been plagued by issues.

First, there were the many environmental laws waived to allow construction. Then, there were the many assertions that it would not significantly deter migrants. And then, the communities it would be cutting through hotly debated its presence (and its possible division and destruction of communities). And there were even doubts that have surfaced about the governments ability to build the fence without the help of the very people it is trying to keep out.

Despite all of this, however, the Department of Homeland Security’s Michael Chertoff has plunged ahead with plans for the fence.

Now, it is being reported that not only will the fence not meet its 2008 deadline for completion, but President Bush is asking for another $400 million to complete construction.

Come. On.

Enough is enough. Right?

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