Raid in Sun Valley, California!

ICE staged another workplace raid on Wednesday, this time in California.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents detained 18 employees at Sun Valley Floral Farms Wednesday during a raid that is part of an ongoing investigation, according to federal officials.

I think that this excerpt, from the local paper, the Times-Standard, sums it up quite nicely:

One worker waiting for a ride at the Sun Valley gate said that employees had no warning of the raid. Asking that her name not be used, she said that an ICE agent said the agency was trying to shut down the operation, and had a list of people they were looking for. One of those detained was her friend, she said.

”It’s a crying shame,” she said.

Another employee, who wanted to remain anonymous, said hundreds of agents were searching the property, lining up workers for identification checks and even looking inside freezers. She said watching her co-workers getting handcuffed and taken away was demoralizing.

”People need to know that whatever their political view is this was not a human way at all,” she said.
Agents were checking badges of people entering and exiting the property. The employee said some of her co-workers were very frightened they’d be taken away even though they are legal. The whole experience was terrifying, she said.

”I’m white, I’m legal, but I’ve worked with these people and they are good people and it was very disturbing to watch these people taken away,” she said.

2 responses to “Raid in Sun Valley, California!

  1. Pity? Maybe these Wet Backs should have thought about that before entering the Country illegally. Freakin Bleeding Heart Fools.

  2. So I see this website cannot deal with a logical view of the U.S. law. Yet it keeps the one comment that instigates hate.

    Like I said deal with it and stop whining. If your illegal your illegal. I’ve had close family members arrested and took away in hand cuffs. They broke the law that’s the way it is, deal with it and stop thinking your special. If I broke the law in Mexico they would throw me in jail. Why do you people have such a short sighted view of this issue. It’s black and white you break the law you suffer the consequences. I don’t know why organizations such as this think Illegal immigrants are immune to the law.

    What a joke go ahead and delete my comments again , your showing your no better than the Gestapo by doing that.

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