Immigrant Rights March in Denver

Last Thursday, thousands of people marched in Denver to call for Just and Humane Immigration Reform. The march marked the last day of a Democratic National Convention that gave little recognition to the immigration issue.

In a post titled “Immigration: Too Hot for DNC?”, Robert Lovato mentions the march:

Outside of the Pepsi Convention Center are hundreds of immigrant rights groups planning a major mobilization this Thursday – the day of Obama’s acceptance speech. They will protest what they believe is the unwillingness of Democrats and their Washington-based immigrant rights allies to seriously support what the press release of the March 25th Coalition calls “human legalization and a moratorium on raids and deportations.”

At VivirLatino, one blogger asks California Representative Loretta Sanchez about the raids in Mississippi that had occurred the same day.  Sanchez dodged the question.

One response to “Immigrant Rights March in Denver

  1. The We Are America DNC March was great! There were many more than 1,000 marchers, and the feel of the event was festive, joyful, hopeful and firmly determined. Congrats to the organizers of the march, and special kudos to the folks that came from across the country, especially California and New York, for making this a memorable event.

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