Lou Dobbs – Exposed

There is a great article at Poder 360° titled “Lou Doubts” that talks about the cable personality’s beginnings and his pet issue – immigration.

The article exposes much of the hypocrisy and irresponsible “journalism” behind Dobbs’ celebrity. If you have followed my posts on Dobbs, from the Fear and Loathing in Primetime Report, to his rumored attempt to run for governor of New Jersey and “going toe-to-toe with Lou Dobbs“, you should absolutely read this article.

As the self-described savior of America’s middle-class, CNN anchor Lou Dobbs has been using the immigration debate to raise his own stock. But at what point did ratings become more important than the quality of reporting for “the most trusted name in news”?

Read it to find out!

And just because its Friday and this clip makes me laugh, here’s Jon Stewart using the “Lou Dobbs-o-meter” on the Daily Show last month.

One response to “Lou Dobbs – Exposed

  1. Robert Lewis

    Lou Dobbs of CNN and what he pays in property tax:14 acres for $26.03 annually
    31 acres for $146.94 annually
    30 acres for $238.08 annually
    62 acres for $414.78 annually
    43 acres for $368.28 annually
    90 acres for $597.06 annually

    270 acres for $1,793.27 equals $6.64 (six dollars and sixty-four cents) an acre for property tax


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