VIDEO: A Hidden System

Our government’s current “enforcement only” policy towards immigration continues detain and deport immigrants across the country. The system used in this policy, however, is extremely secretive. Practices include: blacking out windows on buses transporting immigrants, denying due process during legal proceedings and forbidding families from contact with their detained loved ones. In short, the system is ripe for widespread abuse.

The Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) has released a video called “A Hidden System”. Our immigration policy is broken and people are suffering abuse and injustice as a result.

One response to “VIDEO: A Hidden System

  1. I know from different persons that have gone threw the INS
    process and all of them say the same thing.That they get
    abuse pushed around and they are called Trash and wet bags
    and thats just the little things.Also a good 65 to 70% want to see a judge but they are ignored and no lawyer.
    Also they have this way of making the people sign voluntary Deportation by telling them that as soon as they
    sign this paper they are going to be Released because they
    made an error and if you ask them that you wish to read
    the paper your about to sign they tell you sign this quick because if you dont you are going to lose your only chance to stay in the US and if you still resist they will tell you that they are giving it to somebody that really wants to stay in the US.Sometimes they say sign this papers so you can see your Family because they are waiting out their for you, or sign this paper so you can get your property.This system has gone out of control.I dont know if INS is making their officers practice this kind of process or if the officers are doing this on their own.This is so SAD that once upon a time this was the Country with the up most Respect and the most Honest in the World.Countries all ways looked up to us The United States Of America.But when America permits INS to Violet the rights of not illegal but Humans its SAD.I do understand that if they are illegal
    Aliens then they Violet”ed the Laws and should get punish and Deported.But INS is deporting everybody even if they are Legal Aliens.You see the American People are confuse about the way INS labels them {Legal Alien} and
    {Illegal Alien}INS label them so much the same so that
    the people Hate both of them for coming over illegally
    but a {Legal Alien}is here Legally with the permission of the Government and INS.But even with the Governments and INS permission they are still being Violet”ed of their {RIGHTS}Why if they pay Taxes and work 9 to 5 like you and me.Then we hear of all them Raids going on all over the States.Why is the Government and INS are doing all of this.People dont know but the really big and Rich Companies owned by Polatitions have illegals Aliens working on their big and rich Farms.But you see they dont want you to see.Because most of them are in congress.So congress tells INS i scratch your back and then you scratch my back and so on.For the Congress and INS its a Game they dont care if Families are being torn
    apart and kids are being left with no Fathers or Mothers.Every time INS does that to Families guess who pays the bills for the child care for them children left behind.We do we are the Tax payers.So dont you ever forget the next time you see on the TV when people are being Deported you and me and your neighbour”s are going to DIP in our pockets for more Taxes for more Children
    left behind because INS will not STOP playing GOD.
    Illegals or know illegals thats just a LABEL INS made
    to me they are just PEOPLE like you and me.
    But since INS put a LABEL on them they dont have any RIGHTS.I still believe in America and that America is
    still the most Respected and Honest in the World so lets
    try and not let INS mess up our RESPECT and HONOR this Country has earned for hundreds of years we owe it to all them fallen Soldiers that fought for the Freedom and the Respect and the HONESTY.So please help me and others to keep this Nation of ours Honest and clean and Respected.Thank you all out their and may GOD Bless you all and ESPECIALLY OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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