Update: PA Teens Charged in Fatal Beating of Luis Ramirez

Last week, many voices in the blogosphere followed the story of Luis Ramirez, a 25 year-old Mexican immigrant who was beaten to death by local teenagers in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania. Eye-witness accounts claim that the beating was filled with racial slurs and epithets, however last week Shenandoah officials refused to acknowledge any racial motivation behind the violence.

This week, justice has been set in motion – 2 of the teens involved are being charged with homicide and ethnic intimidation and will be tried as adults. A third teen is charged with aggravated assault, ethnic intimidation and other offenses.

Though criminal proceedings will not return Ramirez, the father of two small children, at least it will acknowledge the crime for what it is – a small example of the scapegoating of migrants that is widespread this country.

One response to “Update: PA Teens Charged in Fatal Beating of Luis Ramirez

  1. It is a sad thing, the killing of another human being in this manner. But I cant help but cringe at the statement of “justice has been set in motion”. Where is lady justice when illegals live in this country for not 6 months, but 6 years with no legal repercussions? I am blue collar, and struggle to live day to day. I know many in this country do, and pay taxes all the same. We drive cars which we must insure, and go to public schools which our taxes pay for. I have many hispanic friends, and I will say that from what they have experienced, it is not very hard to apply for, and gain legal citizenship. Those teens must pay the price for their crime, but we must hold ALL illegal acts accountable. If we are to stand on our soap boxes, we must do so with objectivity.

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