Update: Immigrant Beaten to Death in PA

There is a more in-depth article about the tragedy in PA, from DMI blog. It really highlights why this story (and those like it) need to be revealed for what they are – stories of fear, racism and the willingness of the American people to ignore “the other”.

An excerpt:

This story is important because this family’s tragedy—and the lesser tragedies of the boys who were so motivated by fear and hatred of the “other” that they beat another human being to death—represents the experience of millions of migrants living in this country in today’s poisonous environment.

An environment that has been cultivated over the years by an organized political movement. An environment that results in impunity for killers like Joe Horn—provided the victims are from the underclass still labeled “illegal” as a matter of editorial policy by our so-called liberal media. A climate that permits pregnant mothers to be shackled, forced to give birth in police custody, and then torn from their newborn infants—again all for being present in the U.S. without authorization and, perhaps more importantly, for being Latina.

The racial motivations of the perpetrators/oppressors in each of these scenarios cannot reasonably be disentangled from the immigration status of the victims. The punitive immigration laws that target people like Ramirez and DeLaPaz were enacted largely from racial motives—from fear of the waves of brown political and economic refugees produced by longstanding, short-sighted U.S. intervention in Mexico and Central America. And those same fears—fear of displacement and of unfamiliar cultures—have been fanned for political gain into flames of hatred from the embers of the World Trade Center by the restrictionist movement and the federal government.

Make sure to click over and check it out.

One response to “Update: Immigrant Beaten to Death in PA

  1. I am honestly shocked at the fact that we live in a country that, on some level, promotes such blatant disregard for human life. The fact that it’s becoming more and more clear that I shouldn’t be taken aback by such disturbing actions is almost more infuriating than the act itself. It is inexcusable that such actions are sanctioned by an “organized political movement,” and anyone who values the notion of being an American and the symbolism that this entails should not only pause at such gruesome reports, but should demand they cease. We can be a great country, a beacon of light, an example set to pave the way for the rest of the world, but these concepts will forever be undercut if incident’s such as the one in Pennsylvania continue to occur. If we want to stand as a country that recognizes and cherishes human rights, we must stop beating human beings to death in our own back yard.

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