ICE Raids as Union-Busting Efforts?

Today, at the Monthly Review, there is an article offering an alternative interpretation of the steady stream of ICE raids that are sweeping the nation. Make sure to click over and read it.

A few highlights:

The real effect of ICE’s workplace operations is not to slow immigration but to intimidate immigrants once they’re here — to make sure they won’t even think about demanding a living wage, or reporting labor violations, or joining a union.  This intimidation of the undocumented workers in turn makes it all the harder for the workers around them to organize.  And far from protecting other workers from low-wage competition, the raids guarantee that immigrants will accept still lower wages.

It’s time to call things by their real names.  The workplace raids are designed to ensure that U.S. corporations can benefit from a terrified, inexpensive and non-union workforce.  Working people who hope to win decent pay and conditions for themselves and their communities have no choice but to speak out, protest, and organize to stop this: no more union-busting, no more raids

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